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Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

liveinazoo Wed 05-Jun-13 20:03:03

im here adora-damn netbook had a hissyfit but think fixed now<fingers x>

bin plodding on.....

dd2 has gone off on her first trip today-3 day residential camping,first time away from home.ive beenstalking the twitter feed and when see a picture i shed a few tears<saddo>

sinks doing ok.will pop back in tomorrow and hope you have been back lovelysmile

AdoraBell Thu 06-Jun-13 04:32:41

Hope DD2 enjoys her trip Zoo

I really should be in bed but still need to put DW on and food for packed lunches in the fridge. Had an afternoon out, business lunch then browsing in the swanky new shopping mall. It's in a very impressive building that towers over the city. OH had a meeting there and refused to go to the office, on the 53rd floor, so they had to meet in the coffee shop!

Got laundry done in the morning but it's still on the lineblush, least the puppies can't shred it now that OH has built a pen for them, which needs cleaning tomorrow.

Oh well, best get on otherwise I'll be prepping brekkies before I've been to bed.

liveinazoo Thu 06-Jun-13 16:33:48

i miss her soo much!we domt even have grandparents tohave them overnight so are with me all the time.ds and lil zoo went into school today olding hands and was like imhold tight so dont loose you too!

ive been stalking the school twitter pageblush<gorgeous pic her last night in the tents,clutching mumkey(a sock monkey i made to take that i told her was stuffed with mums love and was the key to mums love if she was scare or homesick!)>

on flying front-

2loads laundry done,fold and out away<just waiting for the soft toys to finish dry to make it 3 loads>
fed,watered and got litle one ready and off to schoo
school run
#swish and swipe bathroom
#my breakfast
#deep clean front room-moving everything and wipe behind,polish and wash floor
#clean loo
#clean out fridge<it fills up with icky smelly water at the bottom where the salad drawers use to be and i dont look down and notice til it start smell and look mildewy<boak>
#cleaned out litter tray
#bath<in peace>
washed kitchen and hall foors
school run

its warm here today so we popped co op on way back and t
picked up ice lolliesgrin
its a nice change to see the
sun and not need a coat a s summer here so far has been dismal!

AdoraBell Thu 06-Jun-13 23:43:02

I know what you mean Zoo, fortunately my DDs had stayed at friends before their first school trip. Fab idea , the sock.

I cleaned my DW this morning. DDs have been getting lazy about scraping food off stuff before it goes and having cleaned the filters it looks like I'll have to clean out the hose from the machine to the waste pipe. Not something I look forward too.

Also did some deep cleaning here, skirting boards, door and picture frames, light switches and anything else with a horizonantal edge was dusted. Bathrooms were S&S'd and kettle descaled.

Tomorrow I need to look at how to deal with the DW and clean my fridge, ditto on the manky water.

liveinazoo Fri 07-Jun-13 11:43:25

<passes chocolate medal>
i hate teh icky jobs
<<makes note must do drawer of WM again>>

ta dahs<so far>
fed cats
fed kids
packed lunches
school run
2nd load washing is in,1st loads nearly dry
swish and swipe bathroom
stripped beds<in machine>
hot spotted front room
washed kitchen floor again<damn cat dragged his breakfast across it and chewed little bits everywherehmm>

i had a vousher put through my door last bight -if i tuck it in the letterbox today<hanging out>get free sample granola<<thanks very much mr kelloggsgrin>>

today its still pleasant and itching to get a big bear hug from dd2 and snuggle and watch tv tonight together<sad soppy mum alert>

debating if i have the strength to tackle the dreaded cupboard under the stairs-it seems to become a dumping ground almost overnight and it reached that can barely shut door and open it carefully as stuff trying to cascade out at me!!!
<think may leave that for another daywink>

off to get some lunch-i have the hungry evils today.may need to declutter sme strawberry and white chocolate cookies i acquired too!grin

AdoraBell Sat 08-Jun-13 03:16:23

<tucks chocolate medal away for tomorrow as didn't manage To get DW hose done todayblush >

I Did the básica today

Packed lunches
Had my breakfast
General tidy up
Swished round bathrooms
Sorted dogs
Sorted fridge - one done, one To go
Popped out
School run
Tríed To sort out iPad and PC, no can do tonight.

I hope you got an extra big Bear hug Zoo and well done on decluttering those cookies, brave effort there. We are currently decluttering vinogrin

liveinazoo Sat 08-Jun-13 07:52:54

MY BABY IS BACK!!!!!!!!grin

she had the bestest time and last night was a blur as she told me all they had done and i made tea,washed the little ones and helped her wash her hair as she smelt like a huge bonfire!!!!

we have had breakfast and she has been on the schools twitter feed and explained the photots the teachers had tweeted-so much better than in my day when you went away and parents heard nothing til you got back!smile

thankfully her clothes are no worse than a trip to the park after rain<slightly muddy knees on joggers etc>so whilst we were warned stuff may get trashed its all washablesmile<she did take very old stuff in case but nice didnt have bin anything>

so its laundry day at chez zoo but i doubt much other than basics will get done today!

hope you didnt have soo much vino you suffering this morning adora<bit hope had enough to enjoy it!wink>

AdoraBell Sun 09-Jun-13 02:55:16

Just typed my post and lost it. I'll try again.

Glad DD is back and excited about telling you about her trip.

DW is now sorted, so I've had my chocolate medal, thank yougrin

Been out most of the day, took recycling, went bowling with DDs, dropped them at friend's for birthday party and sleepover. DW has been loaded but not enough to put it on.
Hand washing done and hung out, but not brought back in blush
Dogs fed and running around garden before bedtime.

We've had dinner out, with a pisco sourgrin
OH has to feed DD2's turtle tonight and in the morning, apparently DD1's turtle is sorted already.

Tomorrow after collecting DDs we need to bath the dogs, rebuild dog house in garden and DDs need to do their laundry. I will do general tidying to keep on top of things and prep packed lunches for Monday.

AdoraBell Sun 09-Jun-13 02:57:43

I never have too much vino these days, if I do it stops me sleeping and that's not good.

liveinazoo Mon 10-Jun-13 14:49:22

thats a sign of old age lovely<harks back tothe days in my teens when i could easily scoff a large bag sweets,2 large chocolate bars and a bag sweetened popcorn and still have room for marshmallows-these days half of that would give me dreadful indigestion!!!!!

i have managed to wash the bonfire smell out of dd2s belongings and done the towels but mainly i have just coasted nad spent time with the kids this weekend.its been dry and intermittantly sunny<only around 17oc though>.dd2 had here first parade with girls brigade sunday.she looked so lovely in her uniform<proud mum alert>
she is seriously lacking sleep-had a nap saturday and nearly fel akip in the grass at the countrypark sunday afternoon,napping in the car on the way home dp was sooo shocked!shes blaming the hard floor,cold tent and an persistantly hooting owl for waking he i the night,but i suspsect its also teh early starts and late nights!!<one of the accompanying teachers looked like a zombie when they all trooped off the coach!!>

on the flying front for today

-fed cats
recycling out/bin out
-woke dd2shock and fed dcs
-made lunches
-chivvy them to get ready/sorted little zoos hair and wrestled ds unruly mop into a bobble
-school run
-pop shop for bread nad milk
-my breakfast in peacesmile
-washed girls room floor,polished,wiped windows
-ditto ds room
-cleaned bath,sink,loo,washed floor
<ignored stairs as back is bit stiff and dont want to seize up dragging the hoover around>
-tidied front room
-emptied rest dd2 bags and put stuff awway
-washed kitchen floor
-3rd load laundry n WM,2 loads dried and folded/put away

i must trundle off to get them now.they have magazines each month and it smag night tonight so i shall be treated to the delights of moshi monsters,peppa pig and dinomite<dinosaur mag> these evening.wish me luck.......

AdoraBell Mon 10-Jun-13 16:40:32

shock I am not old, how very dare you insinuate such a thing? If I could still muster the energy I had ten years ago I'd be angry hmmph!wink

My OH was amazed at how tired DDs were following sleep overs, he actually thought they would sleep, LOL. Glad the parade went went.

Ta Dah's so far

Assembled packed lunches
Shooed family out the door
My breakfast in peace
OH's second breakfast post school run, another coffee
WM on
WM emptied and reloaded
Scrubbed face and applied face pack

Still need to hang washing, get this green stuff off my face and go out for errands but I feel elevensies coming on.

AdoraBell Mon 10-Jun-13 16:41:44

Good luck with magazinesgrin

AdoraBell Wed 12-Jun-13 16:26:34

Spent most of yesterday running round for other people, meeting OH for lunch because he's feeling down, back here for school, back out again for book day costumes I couldn't get after looking locally, and this morning DD2 told me 'don't forget I need something for the secret gift on Friday" she seems to expect me to go to the shops, but I'm staying put.

Breakfast and packed lunches done
Got DDs to put their washing on
Family shooed out
OH back, second breakfast for him
Emptied WM and put a sweater in to soak
Sat and chatted about money and moving, going round in bleeding circles currently.

Still need to hang DD's washing
Emtpy DW
Do more research on line
Shower, DD's washing finished of the hot water so I'm waiting for it to replenish.

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:07:38







AdoraBell Sun 16-Jun-13 04:16:27

Oh dear, can you open all the windows, or will the cat Get back in?

I've not been doing much this week, too much running around for everyone else and not enough energía left over.

Tomorrow DDs need to finísh their laundry, DD1 has an attitude about this but that's the reason she's doing it in the first place.

OH has requested a quiet father's day at home Tomorrow so I'm doing salmón salad for lunch, Then packed lunches for Monday.

Hope you can Get the smell out of the Bed, do you have bicarb?

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:18:32

Its very early BUT NOW IM AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

im sorry ive been missing adora-damn dongel is playing up and taking a month of sundays to load,but hopefully later in the week we are getting broadband and it will be much faster to popin!smile

hope you have had a busy week<sorry about the old thing>

its been flying basics here
ds had a school play friday-circus theme.he was a lion tamer so i had to make costume from an old t shirt-as it was for school i put his name on back in lashings of glitter,mess being their problemgrin!

this mornings escapade with atticus has forced the issue regarding the my shoe box sized room without storage-ive lost 3 cookery books and 1 of my 50 shades books to cat vomitsad

i have around a foot space around my bed,plus a kinda step where stairwell invades edge my room,sadly this is not wide enough for a chest of drawers-i have a blanket box for my clothes that perches on that but rest my stuff<mainly books>scattered willy nilly and cds and day to day stuff<deodorant etc> inhabit on and under a tiny bedside bed is too low to store stuff under itsad
any ideas?

i shall now stumble of and continue reaading tess of the d,ubervilles that i went to bed reading last night for a bit and as i suspect i shall still be awake when my alarm goes off at 5 i shall then do some uiet flying in relative peace to dcs start maraudingsmile

if stupid dongel accepts i shall pop back with progress later!
<<hoping you are still popping in and havent abandoned me!>>

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:22:54

i have a cheap duvet,so i shall launch it-problem solvedwink

my dp working -has done a sleep over tonight so we wont see him for fathers day-kids gave him cards they had made yesterday when he popped in with a new tv<ours packed up day before>.salmon sounds nice!we all ate vegetarian last summer when dd2 switched but a little fish has returned to some members at chez zoo<namely all but her>ds is partial to a bit of ham too when she isnt around as she is a bit of a food nazi!ha ha

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:30:36

the playmobil pirates in the corner as starting to annoy me<ds has treasure island and most rest piratey playmobil stuff >it lives in teh box cut open and stuck together to make a large area with a 3" lip thats meant to contain it-right now it isnt and i had an incident yesterday<namely a pirate holding a dutlass under my foot-needless to say i never said shiver me timbers!!grin>and i have a tendancy to tidy it into a respectable play set up<ocd type thing>i think this shall be my starting point of reference this morning,but first i shall indulge in another chapter of tess-im am not that au fait with the calssics but im really enjoying it and stunned that it was written so long ago so beautifullysmile

AdoraBell Sun 16-Jun-13 04:42:10

I can't help with the storage thing right now, sorry - tired.

I haven't read that book yet, also not up on the clásicos but have downloaded a few. Had to reset my iPad and seem to have lost all my downloads. That's another Job to start on Tomorrow as I wanted to watch some thing to night but couldn't. Right, I'm off to Bed now, will check in late Tomorrow probably.


liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 06:06:40

ok lovely.nitesmile

well my plans went out of the window-ds was up at 5,little zoo at 5.30.i am just about to get off internet-found article bout a girl called jack-does budget meals that very yummy and i got seduced into pinching some ideas!

iam now definately coming off line for a while and i shall now attack the pirates<although im now a bit tired>

i fear today is going to be a long one!

AdoraBell Mon 17-Jun-13 00:14:14

Sorry you had Such an early start after Such a late night Zoo

I had To wake DDs up, then they had To wake OH up at nearly 10 with breakfast and gifts. We went out for a bike ride and stopped for a snack which threw lunch out. Just had the salmón for dinner.

Not much done inside today but DDs have cleaned up a toy workbench (DD1) and the dog pen (DD2) while OH sorted the car with snow chains. We're having a few days away South of here and it's winter so snow is almost garuanteed where we'll be.

Laundry has been done but it's been damp and misty all day so it's drying inside. I need To sort the last load before I go To bed. Feel shattered now, the bike ride really took it out of me.

AdoraBell Mon 17-Jun-13 00:30:24

Forgot to say, that blog is inspirering, I just hope she starts getting paíd on her book deal soon so she can start feeding her son and herself better. Fantástico that she has done so Well on too little money, but long term it's not enough food. I'll definitely buy her book when it's published.

I've had no luck with downloading my films, will have to do a complete reset.

liveinazoo Mon 17-Jun-13 05:57:36

sounds like a tiring but sucessful fathers day-hope OP appreciated it!smile

we went shopping yesterday-i hadnt he strength for our usual 40 min each way walk to morrisons so we just popped to local shops for essentials

realised hadnt washed uniforms-good job remembered today and not tomorrow-so they got washed.also did the neverending pile towels.all done,dried and put away.

other that was abit of a coaster-fed kids etc.i did try and sneak in a nap but it wasnt happening-eerytime i shut my eyes some one start scream or cry!decided better to give up than get increasngly irritable trying.optd for an early night instead!

if you note the time you will see i am up at some god forsaken hour.ds seems to have set his summer body clock to wake around 5am,and if i dont get up he will wake others<who need longer>

to this end i have already spent 30mins in the dreaded cupboard under the stairs and bagged up the paper recycling<old pictures etc>ready to put out in a bit along with rest of rubbish<bin/recycling day>

atticus appears to be very awaree of yesterdays faux pas and has kept a very low profile,just pop up a tthe window t be let in for food then clearing off again.ive forgiven the daft little herbert now,but he an anxious kinda fella so will probably avoid me for a day or two more!!!

i always think of you in a hot sunny climate so the thought of ou need snow chains seems really wierd!shockits nice to get away from things sometimesmile

if get a chance will pop back later.i cant remember at the moment if its today my friend is coming back to recallenge me at scrabble-i shall have to text her when it becomes a civilised hour!ha ha

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 04:06:30

DD2 realised on sunday night that she'd missed her school skirt when she did her washing, had to wear it grubby as this was 10pm and I don't have a dryer that works.

Did your friend come round for scrabble? And is Atticus better now?

We thought someone was coming to View the house Today so everything had to be done again and of course I didn't sleep last night worrying about detalles, so not like me but we really need to sell, and when I was only half awake and making breakfast DD1 told me she'd wet her Bed. I could have críed. She stripped it and opened her Window but I could still smell it an hour later. She'd sprayed perfume on the duvet, also wet, instead of bringing it down.

So, all DD1's bedding got washed and hung outside
DD's bate room blitzed and mine wiped down.
DD1's overflowing línea basket got emptied straight into the machine and washed
DD1's Bed remade once I'd located a presentable alternativa duvet set, and duvet of course
Clean clothes that were still to be dealt with bunged in a bag and hidden in the car
People delayed úntil pm
Lunch with OH
Back home to put outside cushions on chairs, put dogs in pen, re-mop doorstep.
School run and shopping, decides to keep DDs out for the Viewing (type of people) had snack with DDs, got shopping, returned home, people hadn't shown upangry
Did dinner
Got DD1 to take out her last load of washing and hang inside to dry
Cleared away
Sat down to MN

Currently having tea made buy OH grin and need to put away left over pizza for packed lunches. I even baked apples to make the house smell goodangry off to Bed in a minuto. Oh, and dealt with números calles and requests for DD2 to go to classamate's after school Tomorrow which included being advized to lié to the schoolhmm, it's not happening.

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