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Is this a good idea?

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napkin Mon 06-May-13 13:52:01

I have had so many problems with new washing machines and the little water they use. Would I be better of getting a reconditioned machine that is a bit older and uses more water? Has anyone gone down this route of getting a reconditioned machine?

Mynewmoniker Mon 06-May-13 16:34:31

Ye. My recon has been fine -touch- -wood- but if I bought a new one and it went wrong in under 6 years I would through the Sale of Goods Act'79 at the shop and get compensation.

napkin Mon 06-May-13 18:43:10

What machine do you have?

e1y1 Mon 06-May-13 19:33:46

Hi napkin we were talking on the other thread about washers. Are you not getting anywhere with your Bosch on the dark cycle with aqua plus?What's the exact model of Bosch you have? How long have you had it? If its an option the washers that have the most water now are the top loader ones, but I know it's not always an option.

napkin Mon 06-May-13 20:48:55

Hi e1y1. Yeah it seems to rip the threads on my clothes and keep seeing tiny brown stains on my clothes that wasn't there before. I had the tearing with a Beko too. That's why I have been doing lots of research. Not sure if my hard water might be causing it as it seems strange, that and a combination of little water in the wash. Only had it a week! I have the Bosch WAQ2441GB. Not happy with 3 boys to wash for. The top loaders I have read are meant to be rougher on your clothes than a front loader. Do you use the full spin speed on your dark wash?

e1y1 Mon 06-May-13 22:05:02

That is really strange. I haven't had any tearing in clothes, I do live in a soft water area though. You're right with regards to the little amount of water in machines in general, it's being pushed right down so manufacturers can get their A energy rating. I'll bet you ain't happy with 3 lads to wash for. I think your Bosch is the direct upgrade on mine (I got mine 3 years back). I have heard top loaders can be a bit harsh on fabrics like what are used in football shirts, but with other fabrics i've heard they're fine as with the agitator in the middle is counteracted by the clothes literally in a bath of water. With my spin speed, the machine is 1400, but on darks it goes to 800 by default and the max I can put it to on that cycle is 1200, so I usually put a separate spin cycle on the full 1400 afterwards. I really don't know what to advise with regards to the tearing confused.

napkin Tue 07-May-13 08:57:36

I think it must be my water putting more friction on the clothes! Don't know how to go about getting it tested though!

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