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Carpet cleaner

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Littlemissexpecting Sat 04-May-13 09:20:31

I'm thinking about buying a carpet cleaner instead of hiring one but don't know where to start.
Any recommendations? Anyone bought one and regretted it and wished they had stuck to hiring?
We have cream carpets everywhere and dc 1 due soon so wanted to clean the carpets before he arrived and I'm sure will come in handy with a lo. I read somewhere once carpets are cleaned they will show marks more easily so will need regular cleaning so that's why I thought I may be better buying one.

topsi Sat 04-May-13 12:26:44

I bought the Vax Spring Clean on a groupon recently for under £80. It is a bit feeble for our carpets as we have a dog. I put 1L of water and cleaning fluid in it and get about 150ml out. To me that means it is not working properly. The carpet does look cleaner though after. I would say it is worth spending a good couple of hundred on one that would be good enough to compete with the rug doctor we usually hire.

ILikeToClean Sat 04-May-13 12:49:19

I have a reconditioned Bissell which was about £100 from their website (normally £200). It works well and you can see the difference (cream carpets too!). I used to hire the Rug Doctor but as I can use this as much as I like it works out more economical and gives same results. HTH grin

Littlemissexpecting Sat 04-May-13 14:35:35

That's good to know thank you.
Just had a look online at John Lewis and there is so many to choose from. I never thought of looking at the companies direct but will do.

Littlemissexpecting Sun 05-May-13 09:06:21

Bumping for hopefully more recommendations....

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