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Anyone want to join me in a minimalist journey?

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lucysnowe Thu 13-Dec-12 14:30:53

I've been reading a load of minimalist mum blogs and have been brainwashed inspired smile. We are undergoing some building work at the mo and the amount of stuff everywhere is absolutely doing me head in. Once it is finished I want to have a ginormous sort and throw out. We are getting a tumble dryer and I plan to start culling clothes, sheets, towels etc, with the aim of getting ALL washing done each week and not have massive full up bins cluttering up the place. Next: toys, ornaments, and random bits of paper. grin Anyone fancy doing the same for the New Year?

lucysnowe Sun 16-Dec-12 13:40:12

Hi guys

So glad you are joining this thread! Well we have our kitchen back now so we can go ahead and start organising things. I am making big decisions like... do we really need two bottle openers? What happens if we lose one? shock

Can I ask a bit about capsule wardrobes - what are in yours? and do you have a winter/summer one? I tend to buy cheap crappy clothes I really should throw out at the end of the summer but then I forget to throw them out.

Thanks for the additional blog links, I shall try and actually do some minimising before I read them tho. smile

QueenofWhatever Sun 16-Dec-12 13:41:34

Santa, that sounds reasonably capsule to me. I don't believe these people/articles where they only have thirteen items and two pairs of shoes. How do you cope for work, depths of winter and sunny holidays?

I probably have more than that but less than most people I know in RL. One of the blogs linked here said she had something like seven pairs of jeans. Tut I thought and then went and counted that I have eleven pairs of trousers. I tend to wear dresses and skirts for work and when the weather is warm so may have some work to do there.

With regards to music, I got rid of most of my stuff some years ago - I had shed loads as I am an epic music fan. I listen to my iPad or iPod via a docking unit. Mine is about five years old and is by Klipsch from amazon. The sound quality is good and it's reasonably small and well-designed.

I'm looking to sell my remaining CDs and DP has stacks of vinyl. come recommended as do eBay and Amazon. It depends very much if your stuff is rare. If it's mainstream from the last 20-30 years, it probably has very limited resale value so it might be better to use a site that will give you £20-30 to take the whole lot off your hands. I'm seeing a friend next week who has a sideline is selling rare vinyl so I'll ask him where he sells.

WhatWouldSantaDo Sun 16-Dec-12 14:34:10

lucy, I don't currently put away winter or summer clothes, I have got mine down to a reasonable amount so there is enough room in the wardrobe. I buy clothes that last a bit longer, rather than cheaper stuff, but I am finding they last less long now I am wearing fewer items more regularly and they have to go through more washing machine cycles. But I like this, it means I can replace items and not get too bored of what I have.

Queen, true! smile Though I don't work (SAHM) and haven't been on a summer holiday since DS was conceived! I did find when I went on a sunshine holiday I'd pack more than I needed, I mean, I am mainly in a bikini and then a light summer dress for the evening. Don't need much else.

I've backpacked for a year before, and lived out of a rucksack, and it was amazingly easy to make do with much fewer clothes.

Yes, I probably had more than seven pairs of jeans too. So unnecessary for me now! And I do feel much better for trimming my wardrobe, much lighter.

lucy, well, things being tidier, with less clutter, you are less likely to lose a bottle opener. I'd be bad before for keeping hold of extras though in case something broke.

owlface Sun 16-Dec-12 17:24:33

Queen I'm interested in selling vinyl too - currently have a shelf full, but my record player is languishing in my parents' loft!

MinimalistMommi Sun 16-Dec-12 17:26:21

I have:
One pair of skinny jeans
Two short sleeved tops
Two long sleeved tops
Two coloured vests
One maxi dress for summer
Two fine wool fitted sweaters

One pair ballet pumps
One pair black boots
One pair flip flops

One pair of PJ's
One coat

That is all the clothing I own! Since 'finding' minimalism I hate shopping, it's so tough finding good quality clothes on the high street that I end up giving up and not buying anything. Obviously, with owning so little, my tumble dryer is essential grin

MinimalistMommi Sun 16-Dec-12 17:27:37

lucysnowe you don't need two bottle openers grin

QueenofWhatever Sun 16-Dec-12 17:40:18

minimalistmommi that's amazing, you really never wear underwear? wink

MinimalistMommi Sun 16-Dec-12 17:54:19

LOL Queen didn't really want to talk about my knickers and bras on mumsnet blush

WhatWouldSantaDo Sun 16-Dec-12 18:09:06

Wow, Mini, that is incredible. Just wow!
One coat for all seasons though? What's it like?

I am hoping to reduce my not-so-capsule wardrobe even further, but I currently have a toddler who likes to wipe his mucky hands on my clothes, so I need a few options!

EdnaScoggins Sun 16-Dec-12 18:12:41

Have not read it all, but what an interesting thread. thanks

EdnaScoggins Sun 16-Dec-12 18:13:25

Oh, sorry, you probly don't want thanks cluttering you up....wink

MinimalistMommi Sun 16-Dec-12 18:23:37

What I forgot my Berghaus rain jacket (I'm exhausted right now and can't think straight) so I wear my rain jacket in the spring/summer or if its warm, go coat less, and I have a long, thick, navy jacket for autumn/winter.

Really, the truth is though, I'm so minimalist because I struggle to shop, becoming minimalist has actually made it really difficult for me to buy stuff/anything really, including clothes. Especially when the quality is usually so poor on the high street. It makes getting dressed/laundry easy!

MinimalistMommi Sun 16-Dec-12 18:24:32

Edna you made me laugh!

IWipeArses Sun 16-Dec-12 18:36:50

Ooh, one pair of jeans?? Living on the edge, I like it! No, you must talk about underwear, it's very important. For instance, What's 7 pair of knickers makes me feel a little nervous. I've never been great at keeping on top of the washing and underwear is the last part of my clothing I haven't considered minimalising. grin

SantasLittleElfycat Sun 16-Dec-12 18:52:30

I'd like to join. I've done some de-cluttering but DH and I have been collecting stuff in our lives for a long time. Both of us. I'm particularly guilty of collecting craft projects and books. DH was in the army, came with loads of STUFF, and spares. He's left now and we still have the spare in the garage.

We always have STUFF on every flat surface, the mantlepiece, the window-ledges. We finally keep the table clear so we can use it but every cupboard and drawer is full so we can't put things away neatly. It's untidy and I don't want it to be.

WhatWouldSantaDo Sun 16-Dec-12 19:13:19

Edna, I minimalised my vases, and now have none! So no thanks for me, but thanks for the thought. It is the thought that counter right! I don't need real flowers!

Mini, that is still impressive. I do get good wear out of my various clots though. But maybe there is still much room for improvement. Hence my being here!

Wipe, knickers last twice as long between washes if you turn them inside out and wear them again that way! wink

Hi, Elfy. One box/bag at a time! I still have things on surfaces, but getting better.

WhatWouldSantaDo Sun 16-Dec-12 19:13:49


WhatWouldSantaDo Sun 16-Dec-12 19:17:55

*coats! Oh dear!

RarelyUnreasonable Sun 16-Dec-12 19:22:35

I have minimised my drawers and have an eBay pile and a charity shop pile. Woo hoo!

Still some to cull as am in maternity clothes too, but getting there.

I have 3 drawers (underwear, tops, bottoms). 3 dresses (one my wedding one), 2 shirts in wardrobe. Not exactly sure on the shoe and coat count. One handbag and one clutch.

Am buying a few clothes, mainly to replace worn or maternity ones. Making sure everything is in my colours and goes together. As a sahm/wahm this is easier for me as I can wear jeans plus top every day!
Aiming for 3 jeans, 3 jumpers and tops. Am operating a one in, one out system too.

Shoe cull is next.

bluecarrot Mon 17-Dec-12 13:40:36

Got my fill of blogs at weekend and feeling motivated now smile

Yesterday I cleared a shelf in bathroom cabinet, 2 drawers in my room and half my wardrobe in anticipation of dp moving in in the next few months.

Today Im sorting the hot press and top of my chest of drawers, plus kellys flylady mission. I think its meant to just be the bedroom, but Im going to look all over house. All in 15 mins...starting at 13.45 smile

bluecarrot Mon 17-Dec-12 13:42:07

btw, i also stumbled across youtube videos of people decluttering over the space of an hour / three days, but in fast forward. At first I was like "why the heck would anyone watch these?" then I watched 5 or 6 in a row....

IWipeArses Mon 17-Dec-12 14:04:25

bluecarrot, link please!

bluecarrot Mon 17-Dec-12 14:14:35


harrietspy Mon 17-Dec-12 14:25:33

Just checked what the dc have lined up for christmas, as yet unwrapped.

Clothes-wise, DS1 has 4 new tops, a dressing gown, 5x socks, pack of boxers, trackie bottoms because he's grown so much this year and nothing fits him. But I didn't buy new clothes for ds2 because he inherits his brother's, is 7 and thinks clothes of any sort don't count as presents anyway. I don't think DS2 will mind one bit. But I still feel bad that it's not "equal". Daft, isn't it!

I'm beginning to realise how many past purchases have been based on emotion rather than need. Obvious, I know, but I have to learn and relearn this all the time.

What helps me:
*remembering that I'm paying off debt
*calculating how little I'd get for a purchase if I sold it on
*leaving the house without a purse whenever possible
*not going to charity shops unless I'm looking for something specific (eg clothes that dc really need).

What helps you avoid impulse- or emotion-driven buying?

bluecarrot Mon 17-Dec-12 14:39:21

Financially thinking : I have a chart that it on the back of my glass/cup cupboard door. Everytime I open the doors (quite a lot!) I see it. On it I have what my savings are currently and my savings goals (weekly, monthly, yearly targets etc).

Selling stuff regularly on ebay remind you of the low resale value of items.

Reading Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (not Alvin hall, though hes good too!) regularly is inspiring. As part of the plan you work out your real hourly wage. Suddenly buying magazines (1 hours real wage) became less important. I still look and consider buying, but remind myself I can get it online.

Clutter wise : As from next year, Ill be getting rid of something for every new item that comes in.

I feel quite embarrassed at my clutter, and dp is moving in...he doesnt seem to care but I pretend he does as extra motivation!

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