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Has anyone else tried selling clothes via 'we sell any clothes' or similar?

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ATourchOfInsanity Tue 16-Oct-12 21:28:58

I have been trying to get the guy local to me to collect 8 bin bags full of clothes for 2 months! Has anyone else had this problem? Are there better sites out there? Is it actually worth it? I have a few maternity clothes that I know would sell well on ebay and a bag full of towels and old Joules tops etc... I don't even know how the weight system works!

Now wondering if I should ebay them (groan) as he keeps letting me down and changing times, saying he has been sick for the last 5 weeks. Tried to be sympathetic but this is the 4th time he has said he would be here and hasn't. Got an answer phone msg 3hrs later saying he is sorry again and can I call him back to re-arrange.

I would usually give to charity but really can't afford to this time, am in overdraft already this month and with Christmas coming, I need every penny!

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