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Cleaning in front of other people

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JessePinkman Sat 06-Oct-12 23:27:12

I have always hated cleaning, or tidying, or any housework in front of other people. I can do it it in front of my dcs, but its easier when they are out. I hate it in front of my dh. And any overnight guests too. Is that just me?

We have a housefull invited for Christmas, for a week, and I am worrying about it. I don't mind doing it all, I don't like help with cleaning and tidying. I just don't want to do it in front of people.

I think I'm weird.

Rotter Sat 06-Oct-12 23:32:39

I hate it too. I also hate watching other people do it. Can you schedule somethings so they are all out of the house? Otherwise you'll have to get up an hour before anyone else.

BackforGood Sat 06-Oct-12 23:36:44

hmm Why on earth would anyone be watching you clean ?
Normally, surely you wouldn't be cleaning if you'd got people round, would you?
Even if they are there for a week, I can't see that it's going to be necessary for you to be doing a lot of cleaning (unless you are counting things like washing up and wiping down the surfaces). But if people are staying for a week, then they must be close enough to not be "proper guests" anyway, and family aren't 'other people' in my book.

Housewifefromheaven Sat 06-Oct-12 23:38:24

Yes you are weird grin

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 23:40:27

No you are not weird! Some cleaning I can do in front of people, like washing dishes, anything else I just feel awkward. I would arrange dh to take them out somewhere everyday without you.

JessePinkman Sat 06-Oct-12 23:51:32

Just things like my floors look better if they are hoovered and mopped everyday, I expect I can clean the bathrooms and toilets by making round trips. I can clear the table and load the dishwasher, most kitchen stuff actually.
I have said to dh that I want him to take them out for a bit if not everyday every other day. I like to offer to wash guests clothes when they come to stay, but with seven guests that will be quite a lot of washing, on top of my five.
With twelve people in here it will get messy and dirty, there will be some tidying and cleaning to do.

JessePinkman Sat 06-Oct-12 23:54:13

Backforgood I don't like doing housework in front of my own dh. I dont like doing housework in front of other people.

AdoraBell Sun 07-Oct-12 03:48:07

I thought it was just me being over fussy, phew!

HollaAtMeBaby Sun 07-Oct-12 09:25:45

Yes, you are weird. And for the love of god, don't offer to do 7 people's washing over Christmas! Just make sure you have plenty of washing powder in and mention to them that if they want to use your machine, they're welcome. If you feel awkward at guests seeing you hoover, don't you think they'll feel awkward at giving you their dirty knickers to wash? I prefer to do my own laundry when staying with someone.

MsOnatopp Sun 07-Oct-12 09:40:30

what is it? that they make think you're 'doing wrong' or that they may seen you on your hands and knees getting dirty? I think it is a little odd that you are the same about it in front of your own DH. I can't imagine being bothered that DP would see me doing anything.

RightUpMyRue Sun 07-Oct-12 09:43:52

Simple amswer: don't do any cleaning over Christmas. Enjoy your holiday instead smile

JessePinkman Sun 07-Oct-12 10:35:06

Thanks for your replies. I think it is because I might be doing it 'wrong'. I never saw my DM or DF do much in the way of housework growing up, it seems to come more naturally to other people.

I won't offer laundry, and will keep the cleaning to bare basics.

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