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Any AEG appliance owners?

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Millie1 Sun 23-Oct-11 22:43:41

I've posted on Chat but maybe I'd have more luck here grin!

Just canvassing opinions of AEG products - particularly Washing machines and condensing tumble dryers. I'm talking about AEG now as part of the Electrolux group rather than when they were part of Bosch/Siemens.

We did have an AEG w/m once upon a time but that was when it had the Bosch links - and it was fantastic. Anyway, looking at changing our machines and drawn back to AEG but unsure of build quality and reliability nowadays!


hollyw Sun 23-Oct-11 23:16:51

I've got a washing machine and a tumble dryer both about 4 years old. Not sure when AEG became part of Electrolux. Washing machine has been fine (touch wood!) tumble drier has had two faults but came with a 5 year guarantee. Tumble drier is a condenser but its one that recycles the heat - can't remember the exact details but I think it makes it a bit cheaper to run and uses a pump similar to that found in fridges or something. Great in theory but according to the engineer the machines are a bit 'buggy' generally

Millie1 Mon 24-Oct-11 10:14:44

Thanks form that Holly - but yikes re the tumble dryer as I've picked out that type of condenser, shall have to rethink that. The energy savings seem fantastic on it but whilst John Lewis have a cash back offer on it at the moment, it's just the standard 2 yr guarantee. Hmmm. What's it like for drying?

JumpJockey Mon 24-Oct-11 10:19:02

I've got an aeg washing machine that is about a month old, works fine so far! We also had a washer dryer in the old house for 4 years and that was also fine.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 24-Oct-11 10:32:08

We have one in the garage gathering dust because we rent and we have an inbuilt zanussi.

It's about 8 years old so before they got taken over by the looks of it.

The build quality is excellent, it had solid use for 5 years and has never broken down or had a fault.

I used a newer version of ours on holiday and it was very well built and did an excellent wash. It didnt seem cheap in construction at all and it was very quiet.

I think JL are doing 5 year gaurentees on some applicances at the moment, I think it was Bosch.

Millie1 Mon 24-Oct-11 12:01:15

Thank you both! Unfortunately a 14 day delivery wait with JL - and I've no dryer. Electrical, who I've never come across, are cheaper and 7 days for delivery. Local-ish shop to call me back and other local shop doesn't stock AEG as 'you don't know where they've come from'! And the latter was around £200 more expensive than JL! Want to go with AEG - both appliances we have now are Bosch, the dryer has been great and themWM okay but I hold it responsible for lots of little holes in clothes!

NanTheWiser Mon 24-Oct-11 17:16:59

I have a 5 year old AEG Lavamat Turbo washer/dryer. Bought from JL as they could deliver within 3 days. I believe it was 2nd best choice on Which? at the time, can't fault it, and would buy the same again.

Millie1 Mon 24-Oct-11 21:57:48

Thanks Nan. Not much further forward. The good local place has given me fairly competitive prices on two Bosch machines which I can have next day delivery on. Very tempting. She won't have AEG prices til Wednesday but told me the AEG Rep for this area is worse than useless and AEG sales have fallen through the floor since he was appointed! That said, the appliances are solid, having heard all that DH is leaning towards Bosch. Huge sighs ... life is pInful without a dryer grin

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