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Tumble dryer virgin with questions!

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LaTristesse Sun 23-Oct-11 20:02:18

so I've taken custody of my first tumble dryer; I know they're pricey but I couldn't face anymore washing on radiators through the winter. But I'm a bit stuck in some respects...can you help?!

1. It came with a mystery piece inside of which there is no mention in the manual / paperwork- it's a white wire thing like a plate stand or a semi-circular basket... What the hell is it?!

2. Loads of garments say don't tumble in them but people say you can in some circumstances - when is it ok, and when do I revert to the radiator?

3. My machine has a synthetic setting but I've not found any synthetics which are tumble-able. Eh?!

Are there any general tumble tips I need to be aware of?

Fwiw, I have an Indesit condenser dryer with a million different settings but have so far only used the low heat 1 hour setting.

Thanks all! smile

kellestar Sun 23-Oct-11 20:37:21

Sounds like we have the same one, i have had enough of racks of drying laundry that just clutters up the house.

1. DH figured this out. It's shoe dryer, if you take out the fluff filter it will slot in so that shoes can be put on it with it slapping about the drum.

I've tumbled a few synthetics that labels say you shouldn't, mainly DH's work jumpers and coats. I am not confident with some of the nicer things. I have had mine 6 weeks and very pleased.

Indaba Tue 25-Oct-11 21:34:33

my top three tips:

tumble dryers shrink clothes if you over dry

and don't over dry otherwise the clothes are a bugg*r to iron

get stuff out early, fold quickly and most stuff won't need ironing

Indaba Tue 25-Oct-11 21:35:20

and v v v v jealous re your shoe thingy grin

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