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Where do you keep your coats/shoes/hats etc?

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pARGHssTheTwiglets Wed 19-Oct-11 09:31:04

Need some sort of storage for my hallway but am limited for space. I was hoping to have shoes, coats and then hats/gloves etc. all in the hallway. Do coats on coatracks look messy? We will soon have a cupboard they could go in but then it might be annoying to have to go into that room and get coats out of the cupbaord, rather than just grabbing it from a rack in the hallway. Quite fancy something like this with a basket for each of us but then nowhere to put shoes, argh. Our shoes are currently in a huge pile next to the fish tank and it's awful.

Annoyingly, anything we buy can't be more than about 95cm wide, which really narrows it down.

whyme2 Wed 19-Oct-11 09:52:44

We have this

and underneath we have a bench type thing for shoes.

There are 6 of us and it is only just big enough - we are debating putting a second set of hooks up.

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