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Keeping DCs rooms tidy

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allset Wed 12-Oct-11 01:04:03

how do you do it? Mt DD (5) and DS (3) share a room and it is always a mess. They had a good go at tidying it earlier but it still looks messy, lots of stuff on bookshelves, on top of chest of drawers etc. Tidy people, help me - what do you do/have to help your DCs keep it neat. They share a chest of drawers and there is a bookcase, a wardrobe and a big armchair. Not loads of room for more storage, would baskets on bookshelves help? On top of the chest of drawers? A basket next to each bed for general crap?

honeylamb Wed 12-Oct-11 09:24:24

I have ikea Trofast storage, had it for 5 years now, toys can be stored in individual boxes and you can choose various sizes according to your needs. So I have one with train track in, one with Lego in etc. Take a picture of the toy in the box then stick it to the front of the box, kids find toys easily and know where they go at tidy up time!

allset Wed 12-Oct-11 12:13:00

Thanks, we have that for toys downstairs. There are not so many toys in their rooms upstairs. It's mainly soft toys, books and small things - my DD has lots of bead things, hair clips etc, which have small boxes they are kept in. Lots of things still end up on the floor and even when tidied it doesn't look that great. I think it is mostly the small things on surfaces that make it look tatty. Do rooms need a theme? Maybe it is that the colours etc are all a bit jumbled

allset Wed 12-Oct-11 19:37:54

Ok, I have bought a couple of small storage boxes to put by their beds to keep their bits and pieces in. I have also bought some of those pocket things form ikea to string across the end of their beds to put little things in...hopefully this will help. I still need some way of keeping the top of the chest of drawers tidy, but maybe the extra boxes will mean twe can move stuff off the top

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