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How do I get my windows clean?

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Nevercan Wed 14-Sep-11 16:31:00

Help how do I get the windows and doors in my conservatory clean. I have tried various windows cleaners with a cloth or kitchen towel but they always look streaky and really disappointing..... My doors also have toddler paw prints all over them. Any tips please

nightshade Wed 14-Sep-11 16:34:28

teensy bit of fairy liquid in hot water and a cloth, add some vinegar to the water also. use a squidgy thingy to scrap water off, buff dry with kithchen roll.

window cleaners only smear chemicals over the windows, they don't actually clean dirt off.

Bert2e Wed 14-Sep-11 16:36:46

Totally what nightshade says!

Nevercan Wed 14-Sep-11 16:50:30

Thanks I will give it a go.

Shinyshoes1 Fri 16-Sep-11 15:33:47

vinegar, I worked in a chip shop with all those cabinets where the fish/pies/saveloys et al are kept. That's the only thing that would get the clean an non smeary.

I use white vinegar on my mirrors and windows indoors, but malt vinegar worked perfectly fine in the chip shop

Graciescotland Fri 16-Sep-11 15:42:09

I dry them with old newspaper, cheaper than kitchen roll ...

An e-cloth if they are grubby followed by a glass e-cloth, plain water = immaculate streak free windows.

Bought mine 5 years ago and they are still going strong.

NormanTheForeman Fri 16-Sep-11 15:59:18

I also use a teeny bit of fairy in hot water, and dry with a proper window scrim (I bought mine in Lakeland).

Mandy2003 Fri 16-Sep-11 20:44:26

I have a slightly different window problem - old style UPVC double glazed units on an upper floor with no outside access as its a flat (the windows only swing open from the top and only one side of the unit opens).

How would you clean them without falling out the window?!

Nevercan Fri 16-Sep-11 21:32:48

Get someone to hold your feet whilst you lean out grin

Nevercan Fri 16-Sep-11 21:34:00

Where do you get an ecloth from? Supermarket?

NormanTheForeman Fri 16-Sep-11 21:36:42

Ecloths from Lakeland. smile

southeastastra Fri 16-Sep-11 21:37:51

ecloths are great, you only need water

NormanTheForeman Fri 16-Sep-11 21:41:19

They are brilliant for cleaning the top of the cooker, sea!

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