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Do I need a cleaner?

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NewChoos Mon 15-Aug-11 13:23:21

or should we be organised enough to get things done ourselves?
Have DS 20 weeks, DH works FT, I am returning to work 4 days a week.
In theory we can afford a cleaner, but I just wonder if it's a bit wasteful? on the other hand, I want us to be able to spend out free time doing nice things together and not worrying about the cleaning.

We are fairly clutter free, so just need general help for example: bathrooms/floors/skirting boards/dusting weekly
Oven monthly? Anything else I should add?
Think I'd manage all the washing myself.
Would 3 hours every fortnight be enough? (I can do quick hoover/dust round 1-2 times weekly additionally).

mistressploppy Mon 15-Aug-11 13:27:32

Oh, do get a cleaner. They are magic. By the sounds of it 3hrs/2wks would be fine for you.

Don't worry about being wasteful - you will use the time that's freed up to do nice family things (so important) so how can it be a waste? I have a cleaner 2hrs a week and I'm a SAHM with one child! In your shoes I would not hesitate for a SECOND!

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