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keeping out flies

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flipthefrog Mon 04-Jul-11 13:13:35

is there a surefire method to keep them out (other than sealing myself in the house) there is always load buzzing about and they're thick and can't get out of the open door hmm any suggestions

Maternelle Mon 04-Jul-11 13:15:10

Watching this with interest.

flipthefrog Mon 04-Jul-11 15:44:43

looks like we're stuck with 'em maternelle grin

moonmother Mon 04-Jul-11 15:59:51

If you find out can you let me know too wink

Moodykat Mon 04-Jul-11 16:46:19

Me too please. Bloody things!

TooImmature2BMum Mon 04-Jul-11 17:37:40

I need to know too! Last year I tried something called the Red Top Fly Trap, which I bought from Amazon. You hang it 15 m away from the house (mine was more like 7 m away at the end of the garden) and it attracts flies to it. Looks horrible when it's filled with flies but it did seem to cut them down a bit. I've ordered a new one and some fly paper thingies that you stick to windows. Will report back when they arrive! Oh, I also had some fly guns - they do kill the flies, and it is very cathartic shooting the little buggers! They're only as good as your aim, though, so not perfect - and you have to wash windows/surfaces once you've smeared dead fly on them.

Honestly, I can't win - mice in winter and flies in summer! That's what you get for living next to a farm.

shodatin Tue 05-Jul-11 00:35:08

Elderflowers keep them away, and mint, plus another herb I forget - just a bunch in glass of water near kitchen window. Will add other when I remember.Someone told me they won't cross a mirror, so put tiles or similar in doorway, but have not tried this.

ThePathanKhansWoman Tue 05-Jul-11 00:49:23

I also am plagued by flies, next door feeds her six cats in the garden. Last week i mad up a small bowl of Lavender Zaflora to clean something, left it sitting on kitchen table, and have had very few in kitchen, despite backdoor being open.

aseriouslyblondemoment Tue 05-Jul-11 10:53:19

having a pot of basil near the kitchen window should help.

Al0uiseG Tue 05-Jul-11 22:39:26

Firstly put the fruit bowl in the fridge, then sprinkle lavender oil onto cotton wool balls and leave by doors and windows. They soon disappear.

shodatin Tue 05-Jul-11 22:51:04

Lavender! That's the one I couldn';t remember.

cambridgeferret Wed 06-Jul-11 12:58:09

If you can get hold of any Germolene spray plaster is good. Sticks their wings together and they drop out of the air.
Makes a mess of windows though. And you have to be a good shot.

Al0uiseG Thu 07-Jul-11 08:57:48

I take it you're not a Buddhist Cambridgeferret? grin

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