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Do you still have any music cassettes?

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whippet Mon 27-Jun-11 11:56:40

Just found a whole stash of mine, from as far back as 1984 blush...

What do I DO with them?!

So much emotional attachment [wail]

Do I:

a) buy all the albums I have on cassette on itunes so at least i have the music again?

b) give them to DS2 to listen to (he still has a cassette player) thus delaying decision hmm

c) throw them out

d) listen to them one last time, then a) and c)

Help! sad

TheWaterHorse Mon 27-Jun-11 13:14:45

I've got loads.

You can buy equipment to record them as MP3s on your computer. I decided to record one a day whilst I was on maternity leave, starting a year ago. I've done about ten.

Some of my favourites I have already replaced over the years but I am seriously thinking about throwing out the others. I still like a lot of the music but I no longer love it like I used to and don't generally choose to listen to it. Maybe it is time to let go*.

[* WaterHorse Goes back to "decluttering" before deciding to hang on to everything for another year just in case.]

gremlindolphin Mon 27-Jun-11 21:28:09

I share your pain - I've got loads and I'm keeping them!

I know the quality and accessibility of all types of music has improved so much and I love youtube and my ipod but no one will ever again have the excitement of random taping off the radio, that joy of having waited for the song you like to come on.

I do come from a hoarding family so be warned!


Driftwood999 Mon 27-Jun-11 22:53:16

Sharing the thought OP. Also have cassette taped background recording of a much loved grand father at a family Christmas circa 1984 (born 1897) giving his opinions grin and an even bigger sob tbh. Veteran of both WW1 & WW2. Must update to current technology, owe it to him. it's going to be a project and I too will need advice/direction.

Mammonite Tue 28-Jun-11 13:36:12

How about you re-record anything that's unreplaceable and ditch the rest on the premise that if you wanted to listen to the music you could download it from itunes there and then. Maybe check first?

The 80's was the great age of cassettes, we still have ours, six boxes of 'em! Many recorded by DH from his older brother's record collection.

Put them on Freecycle ?

whippet Tue 28-Jun-11 15:05:14

I've had a look on eBay and Freecycle, and get the impression nobody wants cassettes!

Asked at our local charity shop today, and she just looked at me pityingly and said that they would just get thrown out, as there's 'no demand' for them.

I have sorted out the pre-recorded ones, and looked them up on iTunes and saved them in my 'Wishlist' so I have a record of them without actually buying them [cheapskate icon]. I keep thinking I want to know what music I was listening to in case I ever have an 80's revival party or something!

Amongst the ones I'm finding hardest to dispose of I have:

- a recording of 'Brideshead Revisted' - remember listening to it over and over again, as I studied it at A level
- recordings of me reading various A level Politics essays, which I used to listen to by way of revision blush

Eeek..... I share your hoarding pain, Gremlin...

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