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Which living room rug?

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SpareRoomSleeper Fri 17-Jun-11 02:21:21

I have seen this and this for my living room and im now confoooooosed between the two. My living room is abit bland and brown at the moment, either will go well and the difference in price isnt an issue - But I like both.

Which one do you like?

Or if anyone else has any other reccomendations it would really help, because Ive been searching for rugs late into the night till I am blurry eyed and given up every time!

OvO Fri 17-Jun-11 21:51:11

I like the second one best. The first one is too jumbly up for me, iykwim. grin

SparkyToo Sat 18-Jun-11 13:24:19

I too like the second one - more stylish. The first one reminds me of '70s crazy paving.

BluddyMoFo Sat 18-Jun-11 13:24:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappyAsIAm Tue 21-Jun-11 12:00:38

I have this in my hall. I love it.

Of the two you posted, I prefer the second one.

Shell178 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:30:35

Out of the 2 I prefer the second one.
What a fantastic website, I have just spent ages looking at all the lovely rugs. I think I'm going to get a new one for my lounge!

Tigerinmysoup Tue 21-Jun-11 13:04:17

I much prefer the second one - first one's a bit crazy on the eye.

herbietea Tue 21-Jun-11 13:15:59

Message withdrawn

DancesWithNits Tue 21-Jun-11 15:35:37

You all say crazy paving like it's a bad thing! First one for me.

Cutiecat Tue 21-Jun-11 22:55:55

I like the second one.

TheFarSide Tue 21-Jun-11 22:58:23

The second, and agree about the crazy paving.

peachybums Wed 22-Jun-11 21:15:00

Second one for me too, quite nice actually may have to invest in one :D

SpareRoomSleeper Fri 24-Jun-11 21:15:17

i bought the first and its GORGEOUS! Not crazy at all, my living room was really very bland and dull, and this rug has perked it up! Not completely (so you can imagine how boring it was before), still need some lovely cushions and something for the wall, but its getting there !

Karbea Fri 24-Jun-11 21:26:29

The first or the one happyasiam has

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