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Cheap 564 Roomba on Groupon today!

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Sparklies Wed 15-Jun-11 18:36:05

£248 for the 564 (pet model) and comes with remote control and spare brushes - at least a hundred quid cheaper than elsewhere. Think the deal is today only but not sure!

Not affiliated with either, but I've wanted one for ages but could never quite justify the cost. Just had DC3 and am drowning as he nurses 24/7 so I figured what the hell.. DH begrudgingly agreed but I am hoping it will win him round.

Now we just have to name it grin

Hope this helps someone!!

SparklyCloud Wed 15-Jun-11 19:39:24

Do you have a cat? Apparently they love to ride on these vacuum cleaners, look on youtube grin

I don't think their design is very good, they do not do right up to edges etc, only the middle of the room really.

Sparklies Wed 15-Jun-11 19:52:06

We have two cats - I'm looking forward to seeing their reactions!!

Anything would be an improvement on the state of the house now - and I am hoping it will encourage me to keep the floor clear a bit too. Kind of like getting a cleaner would!

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