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About to buy my first ever tumbledryer - advice please!!

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SuchStuff Sun 02-Jan-11 20:59:41

With DC2 on the way, we've decided the time is ripe to get a tumbledryer. We have space in our utility room and £150 to spend.

However, I've never even used a tumbledryer before so am quite clueless about what to buy.

Can anyone offer any advice on what I should be looking for, what brands are recommended and anything to avoid? Thanks!

herbietea Sun 02-Jan-11 21:02:01

Message withdrawn

bessie26 Sun 02-Jan-11 21:15:59

I got told the same thing about the reverse action, it's also supposed to stop things getting so tangled up.

Defo need more than one temp setting - I use low for almost everything, and only ever use high for towels.

Mine is a condensing one and have been very happy with it, it's in the garage but no steam comes off it.

Sidge Sun 02-Jan-11 21:24:49

Our Hotpoint tumbler was terrible; I wouldn't buy another.

Get one with a condenser if you can afford it, otherwise you'll need to vent it outside via a window, catflap or hole in the wall.

If budget allows get a sensor-drying one; you don't end up with crispy clothes or soggy ones as it stops tumbling when they are dry.

SuchStuff Sun 02-Jan-11 21:31:31

That's just the sort of advice I was after, ladies - thank you all!

sazm Sun 02-Jan-11 21:35:44

i have a hotpoint which i love.its a sensor one although i've never actually used this function lol,i dont really trust it at all and like to decide for myself when my clothes are dry!!!!
personally i found a vented one better than a condenser one,i found the condenser creased the clothes x

herbietea Sun 02-Jan-11 21:49:20

Message withdrawn

SuchStuff Sun 02-Jan-11 21:49:31

Thanks for that. Am I right to say that if I get a condenser one, it can be plugged straight in, but ifI get a vented one, it needs an outlet in the wall to let steam outside?

herbietea Sun 02-Jan-11 21:52:23

Message withdrawn

mrspercival Sun 02-Jan-11 21:56:26

I really rate White Knight as they are British and, I believe, offer the only A rated tumble dryer. This helps the planet and the costs in use. The one we have is vented but thats fine for us. Check out the latest range as I'm not sure whats what. The Coop sell them (online as well as stores) and I think Currys do too.

Jojay Sun 02-Jan-11 21:58:12

Mine has sensor dry and it's fantastic - no guessing how long things will take to dry.

SuchStuff Mon 03-Jan-11 09:06:08

Thanks again, everyone - think we've more or less decided now. You've all been really helpful!

JaxTellersOldLady Mon 03-Jan-11 09:15:34

I have a Condenser dryer from Bosch, it has sensor drying and various settings. I do like it, saves me loads of time and effort.

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