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Some advice please re smoke damage

(5 Posts)
mumdrivenmad Sun 26-Dec-10 03:49:27

I'm in some need of advice in how to best deal with smoke damage in my house. I don't yet know three full extent of what has happened as thankfully we were not there at the time.

chivers1977 Sun 26-Dec-10 07:23:42

If you have had a fire then the insurance company will deal with everything for you. If things can be cleaned they will arrange this with a specialist company or if beyond repair will replace the items (most companies are new for old - ie you get new stuff regardless of how old the damaged item).

Hope everything works out OK and just be grateful that you were not in the house!

mumdrivenmad Sun 26-Dec-10 07:48:00

We don't have any insurance though, hence we will be having to do the clean up ourselves.

ceres Mon 27-Dec-10 07:31:50

poor you - i hope the damage isn't too bad.

i think with re-decorating you need to make sure you clean and seal the walls to get rid of the smell and also to stop the smoke stains coming through the new paint/wallpaper. zinsser BIN is a really good sealer and primer and is meant to be good for sealing smoke damage. you can paint over it after 45 minutes too so it is quick to use.

if curtains and other washable fabrics etc smell of smoke it can be really difficult to save them. you could wash them and then try soaking in a strong solution of white vinegar and water.

good luck with it.

BoffinMum Mon 27-Dec-10 11:17:22

Best getting in a specialist company. However even if you do this, you will find every single thing in every cupboard seems to have sticky particles on it and you will be finding this for years. That comes off with normal cleaning and dusting with polish or Cif.

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