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Right ...The house is a sty from work being done....

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YourNewFriend Tue 21-Dec-10 10:25:10

Where do I start so that it's back in shape for Christmas?

Just had a week and a half of workmen in and out doing an electrical re-wire. They've made a fairly good job of putting all the furniture back but to be honest the place looks like a bomb has gone off and I don't know where to start. Stuff needs putting back into cupboards, dust and little bits of rubble everywhere, have tons of washing to catch up on and general housework has not been kept up to date with.

I also have a bored 7 yr old, a poorly 4 yr old and a 15 week old baby.

Please guide me!

Guacamohohohole Tue 21-Dec-10 12:33:54

Oh dear... I wouldn't know where to begin either. It might be easier to wait until your DCs are in bed.

YourNewFriend Tue 21-Dec-10 15:18:13

Ok I've tackled the gross and dangerous stuff.

Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen
Hoovered as best as I can
Mopped floors
Thrown away god knows how many screws!
And put a load of washing on

Thats it! A whole 5 hours! It's taking ages because there's so much out of place and kids need me so much.


BarkAtTheMoon Wed 22-Dec-10 22:53:12

Hi there, I feel like I have a little in common with you - had an extention built over past few months - kitchen/living area. Its nearly finished in a hopeful kind of way. I have 3 ds but not a baby so you are probably pretty tired!
Try and make sure the kitchen area is up and running and clean for cooking xmas dinner and you have somewhere nice and cosey to sit and relaxgrin.
Dont worry about the rest. My bedroom is a tip right now, storing bits from our old kitchen, xmas pressies etc. There is just about enough room for my feet to navigate around the bed.
The house gets so dusty, I have given up trying until the extension is finished. Try and save your energies for your children and xmas. And dont worry too much. GOOD LUCK X

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