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Can i sing OCADO's praises?

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nannyl Wed 01-Dec-10 21:47:40

I'm amazed.
i live in yorkshire and we are under a LOT of snow... (most local busses and trains cancelled, and shops closed etc)

the roads are horrific and its been snowing all afternoon.

my car is abandoned a few roads away as i cant even drive it up my road (cul-de-sac so never gritted or ploughed) and you honestly cant tell where pavement meets road... in our garden we have at least 30cm of snow, but prob more now as its snowed all evening.

my Ocado was booked for 10 - 11pm (ie the free delivery slot wink)

i was shocked to get the text saying about my substitutions and name of driver etc...

even more shocked when i got call saying he was a mile away and could he come early? (Yes, i was expecting late if at all!)

Anyway he nearly got here, but like the rest of the vehicals could not get up our road...

so he carries my £100+ worth of shopping up hill in thick snow by foot.
I sent OH out to help him

Then... he thanks me so much for 'letting' him come early, and also for helping to treck these grocerys up and down the snow-ey pavements!!!!
We live right in the middle of no-where on the edge of the peak district, so its really bad up here, and he was saying how he wanted to get out of this area asap hence came to us 1st!
Also he wasnt the driver it was supposed to be as the guy who got this round was too scared to even attempt to drive up here, so he swapped rounds!

He was as polite as they always were, and anyone would think I had done him a favour!

I am so greatful, as i have friends to stay this weekend, and needed the food, even more so than usual, and no way could i get my car out and drive half hour to my nearest supermarket.

I know Ocado / waitrose are fab (and am so sad my nearest waitrose is an hours drive away) but even that exceeded my customer sservice expectations.

and i didnt even pay a penny for this delivery slot!

(I thanked him too btw, but he seemed more greatful to me!!!)

nannyl Wed 01-Dec-10 21:49:12

(its half hour drive to nearest suoermarket in good traffic!)

Hulababy Wed 01-Dec-10 21:51:07

How fantastic! Don't forget to rate him well on their website

I know that Ocado didn't make it to at least one customer in Sheffield earlier today sadly.

nannyl Wed 01-Dec-10 21:54:15

ooh, how do i rate him?

also cant remember his name, and its not the guy who it should be and who Ocado texted me saying who it would be...
he also told me it was his day off but as loads of drivers couldnt get in, he came in anyway as he could get to the depot.

I feel like i should write to head office, because he was so fab.

I have a snow day tomorrow as my school is closed so can do it tomorrow

Hulababy Thu 02-Dec-10 08:29:39

Def write to head office. Just tell them all theinfo you know about him.

It used to be an option after a deliver on ocado to rate the drivers - has it now gone?

nannyl Thu 02-Dec-10 10:11:04

i have emailed ocado

have looked all over the website and cant seem to find rate the driver....
even if i did, Ocado think its the guy who was supposed to be doing my round, the person whose name they text me, as opposed to the person who it was, so not sure thats what i want to do anyway!!!

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