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cant get rid of this sour milk smell!!! please help, i cant sit in my living room

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natz23 Mon 04-Oct-10 10:45:42

the other day i spilt a glass of mli on the carepet, mopped it up straight away but in the morning the smell was horrendous!!
i have tryed febreeze, detergent, washing powder,carpet cleaner, nothing is taking the smell away, any suggestions?
i cant sit in my living room because i want to be sick! x

dexter73 Mon 04-Oct-10 10:56:44

Just googled and here are some things you could try.

natz23 Mon 04-Oct-10 10:58:13

great thanks dexter, will try that, got some baking soda in the cupboard! its so disgusting!

sis Mon 04-Oct-10 11:11:19

I would recommend method 6 on that link - soda bi carb is wonderful for getting rid of smells!

Adair Mon 04-Oct-10 11:12:50

I had this behind our sofa (thanks to dd knocking over her cup - also didn't notice for a day). I cleaned it again with kitchen spray, then sprinkled lots of bicarb of soda for an hour or so. Hoovered it up and the smell has gone.
It was making me miserable too, it's horrible isn't it?

natz23 Mon 04-Oct-10 11:24:34

ill use bi carb then thanks guys. its sooooo horrible dd cant smell it anymore but i can

natz23 Mon 04-Oct-10 11:31:15

do i just sprinkle it down and then pour water over it and leave it?x

Adair Mon 04-Oct-10 14:02:07

Sprinkle it over liberally (mine was slightly damp from the cleaning). No additional water, just let the bicarb absorb the smell for as long as you can (at least an hour or two). Then hoover.

amistillsexy Tue 05-Oct-10 00:11:59

Have you soaked the stain with water? It sounds as if you''ve blotted up the milk but not washed it out, IYKWIM. If that's the case, anything you use will just mask the smell. You need to thoroughly wet the area with warm water (some white vinegar will help get rid of the smell), then do what Kim and AGgie call the 'dance of joy'-put doen old towels and dance all over them to blot up the excess water. Keep changing the towel until it comes back dry.
After this, you could use bi-carb on the carpet when it had dried, if the smell is still there. Sprinkle it on dry, rub it into the pile a bit, then leave for as long as poss before hoovering off.

natz23 Tue 05-Oct-10 10:59:40

thanks will try that, tried putting bi carb on it last night, left it over night and its taken the smell a little but i keep getting a wiff every now and then, will try what you have said tonight, thanks x

berno Thu 07-Oct-10 09:12:06

I don't know where you live but there's an eco-carpet cleaning service that will offer free advice (bedforshire/northants areas) see ly-cleaning.html - there's also a freephone number you can call so an initial chat costs nothing.

Fedupxx Wed 31-May-17 16:59:25

Baking soda. Wash area. Put loads of baking soda on it. Leave for 24 hours. Brush it up. Put some more soda down leave another 24 hours. Smell gone. I've just done it. It works

Asmoto Wed 31-May-17 17:02:48

Zombie - it happened about seven years ago so hopefully the smell has died down by now, or OP has replaced her carpets!

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