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Model airplane WWII

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coribells Mon 04-Feb-13 19:36:37

DS has been asked to build a model WW II airplane. We don't know really know where to start and haven't found anything useful googling . Any ideas?

andubelievedthat Tue 05-Feb-13 02:04:06

go into town ,buy a small toy and copy it,depending on skill level, the inside roller of the likes of kitchen foil makes a good fusalage base to work from or ,get a carboard box ,flatten it out, draw a top section of plane on it do this twice ,cut same from card , with a bit of cutting in the right places ,usually where the card must bend, some tape and paper mache and matches?(forward facing guns "and landing legs) and paint and glue ,essential ! perhaps black buttons for wheels ? if anywhere nearGlasgow, the museum and art gallery has a genuine spitfire on perm. display, hope this helps ,good luck.have loads fun!.

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