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When you decide to HE does anyone check that you are doing it ok?

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RTKangaMummy Tue 04-Sep-07 18:22:27

I saw on TV yesterday a woman from a group saying she checks up on families that HE and that IIRC 75% of them did a good or brilliant job

But what about the 25% of others?

I know 25% is only a small number of a small number of children and that 25% of School ED children probably don't do well

BUT what about the parent who says they are going to HE their child BUT the real reason is that they {parent} can't be bothered to get up in the morning and take the child to school. Or who just lets the child watch TV all day or PS2


I don't have a problem with those who HE

One of my friends in Canada used to HE her 4 boys

But I am just curious how much the GOV checks up on the children that are HE

Also no one in the debate seemed to know how many children were HEdded

Which seemed really weird to me

Why can't they get the number of children who recieve child benefit and then subtract the number on school lists?

Please don't argue about this cos I am just curious not wanting an arguement

I may not reply as I am off to cinema later this evening


Peachy Tue 04-Sep-07 18:24:01

LEA here does check up once you're in legal schooling age (Ds3 home edded but not yet 5), you are supposed to have records / targets etc to show them, and they visit to check equipment etc

Pixiefish Tue 04-Sep-07 18:25:42

That's what i thought too Peachy but apparently there is no legal requirement. I got intoa discussion with someone on another board who pointed out that it has nothing to do with the LEA

RTKangaMummy Tue 04-Sep-07 18:30:14

So are you saying it is like being a childminder that OFSTED come and inspect?

As a childminder depending how long & experienced & how good you are they inspect between 1 and 3 yearly. iirc.

If OFSTED or LEA don't inspect why not?

FrannyandZooey Tue 04-Sep-07 18:32:22

You have to prove, if asked to, that your child is receiving an appropriate education

the way in which you are expected to do this varies from LEA to LEA, and from court to court

RTKangaMummy Tue 04-Sep-07 18:38:40

Oke doke thanks


Julienoshoes Tue 04-Sep-07 18:51:29

Local Authorities have the right to make informal enquiries if they have reason to believe an education is not taking place. They can ask for information about the education being provided, from the parent, but the form the information takes is down to the parent.
The responsibility to make sure that the education provided is suitable to the child's age aptitude and ability-at school or otherwise, is a parent's.

Our children have never chosen to meet with the LA, nor send them any work. So we send in an Educational Philosophy and a written report. We do not show them any records, other than this and do not show them targets. We would never choose to have someone coming round to our home to make an inspection. Some families do choose this option but it would definitely not be for us. The LA failed our children very, very badly when they were in school-and so we have taken back the responsibility and the children have already far exceeded everything that the schools predicted for them.

Because it is a parents responsibility to make sure the education is suitable, if you have never registered your child at school, the LA may well not know about you. Hence not knowing how many families do home educate.

This may change with the Child Data Base next year when all the services join up and then families will become known-that is of course if the Government can actually get this computer system to work!

I simply do not believe that 25% of parents do not offer a suitable education-the LA has the power to take action if they believe an education is not taking place-why do they not use it, if that many parents are failing in their duty??

From previous media interviews with Myra Robinson, she has been shown up to be someone who has very biased views against home educators who do not follow 'school at home' and she may be talking about home educators that she does not approve of, for this reason. We follow a totally autonomous approach, with no formal lessons at all-just learning through life and following the children's interests. I doubt very much if Ms Robinson would approve of us-yet when DS returned to FE college after 5 years of this type of learning, he settled in very well academically and socially and achieved very good results at As and A level.

Further I bet Gordon Brown would be delighted if he could broadcast that the numbers of children failing in the state system had dropped dramatically to only 25%!!

Julienoshoes Tue 04-Sep-07 18:54:59

Schools, childminders and other childcare providers are inspected because the parents need evidence to show that the service the children are getting is satisfactory-or so that school of thought goes, and that it is good value for tha tax payers money if that is appolicable.
When parents home educate, they do not need anyone else to tell them how the children are doing-they can see for themselves!

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