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Considereing HE DS3 fro reception year- advice?

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PeachyClair Sat 24-Feb-07 16:27:50


My ds3, as you may be aware, has some serious delays and is ASD, we have a verbal diagnosis but can't have a written one until after he has seen a speech thera[ist, for which we have to pay (or may be see a friend ) as there is no SN speech therapistgere any more, and won't be for a long time.

We have asked for him to get help at school but the LEA are as helpful as ever. Whilst they huff, we are considereing saying sod it and doing reception year ourselves. he's not obliged to start until Yr 1 as he is a late July baby. So there's no paperwork / curriculum / checks as such, but he will have to re-enter (he's at a school nursery atm) in Yr1 in the frankly unlikely event he ends up in MainStream- it won't be at his current school, their SN record after nursery is bad as we have learned with DS1.

My CM will handle the PE / social aspects and I will do the learning, I am planning on teacher training in the furure anyway (as I said, he can go to a CM as he's not yet 4 and willr each 5 only in the holidays).

Has anyone fgot any excperience of he'ing for reception then entering in yr1? Or heing a child with SN? Or just reception year HE generally?

PeachyClair Sat 24-Feb-07 16:28:19

Should have said- teacher training in future, do 10 hours a week Uni atm

sorkycake Sat 24-Feb-07 17:41:32

I'm HE'ing my Dd who was deregistered from Reception at Christmas. Our plan is to HE for as long as possible atm though. What do you want to know? fire away

frances5 Mon 26-Feb-07 10:00:49

Have you visited other schools? Some mainstream schools are better than others at helping children with special needs. State schools vary a lot in how synpathetic/ welcoming to children with special needs (or children who are going to bgger up their position in the league tables).

My little boy has a hearing impairment as well as coordination difficulties and his school has been excellent. Other schools made me feel extremely unwelcome as a prospective parent.

Does your son have a community paediatrian? They can often speed up referals to SALT or audiology or any other specialists.

Is there a small villiage school near you with mixed age classes. It would be easier for your little one to join such a class in year one than a large school in year one.

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