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Post 16 and child benefit

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Runningtokeepstill Thu 22-Oct-15 14:48:58


I know this was raised before but I just wondered if, as we are a little way into the academic year, there was anyone who'd been through the "starting home ed post 16" situation and managed to still claim child benefit.

Back story is that DS3's college course hasn't worked out as he's been ill and missed too much. There is no full-time alternative at college and all local training schemes are for those without basic Maths and English skills (not applicable in his case) or are the "outward bound" team building sort of thing which he isn't fit enough to take part in. He's not well enough to get an apprenticeship.

We've found some interesting home education possibilities using online courses but the situation around claiming child benefit (and related benefits) is vague. I know there's been some previous posts on here saying you just lose the benefits. This seems to be wrong as people have managed to claim successfully, mainly those who were home ed-ing pre-16 without a gap.

DS3 was home ed for most of Yr 9 and part of Yr 10, due to health issues. He then went to a new school but was sick for the last 6 months of Yr 11 and accessed his education from home, although he remained on roll. He started college but has been told he cannot stay on his course due to his health-related low attendance.

Home ed websites I've looked at say it is possible to claim CB but tricky and suggest MP involvement might be needed. To me this sounds like the guidance, and possibly the law, does not come down firmly on either side and that the rules are open to interpretation. I don't feel like having yet another battle and I'm hoping there might be someone here who's been through it and can give me some pointers.

Runningtokeepstill Wed 28-Oct-15 13:22:01

Bump. Any advice appreciated.

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