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Carpet advice please - fitting

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1235kbm Mon 01-Jun-20 15:32:15

I'm order a new carpet for my bedroom but I want the same carpet on the stairs. I know nothing about fitting carpets so please bear with me if this sounds ridiculous.

Can the carpet fitter use the one piece of carpet to do both bedroom and stairs or do I need to order the same carpet in different lengths/widths?

For example, bedroom is 3.5x4m and stairs are 2x8m - does the fitter cut the carpet to fit the stairs? Or do they use the same piece of carpet and cut it according to size?

I'd rather buy the one piece of carpet if that's possible.

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locomoco19 Mon 01-Jun-20 23:38:15

You usually need to state it's for stairs and landing, it comes come in advance to the size you need so easier for the fitter to fit in

1235kbm Tue 02-Jun-20 21:21:42

@locomoco19 thanks for your help. I'm buying a remnant so it comes in one piece and comes in the size it's cut. I was looking at buying two remnants of the same carpet.

However, I phoned the carpet company I was going to buy it from and they said yes, it can all be sorted out from the two pieces on the day. You just need to make sure you have enough for both jobs.

Thank you.

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