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Cheaper California/plantation blinds

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Manchestermanchester Sun 09-Feb-20 12:37:02

I love the blinds but paying over £500 for a window - hell no.

I’ve had a quote to get my front rooms (up and down) spare bedroom and bathroom for £1700, including fitting.

I just think it’s really expensive for a product that comes already made from overseas at a cheap price.

Has anyone found them cheaper?

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itsUnderMyPillow Sun 09-Feb-20 19:11:16

My husband made ones for our bedroom. They are solid shaker style doors rather than slats. But make the room pitch black when in daytime . We painted the rear parts in dark brown so when they are shut you don't notice them from outside.

Wildwood6 Mon 10-Feb-20 12:33:05

Yes, we found a guy locally who had set up as one man band- he told us that many of the shutters on sale in the UK are made in one of two factories, one in Bulgaria and another in China. He came and measured up, ordered them from the factory in Bulgaria and then came to fit them. It was massively cheaper than buying them from somewhere like Hillarys, by hundreds and hundreds of pounds on our entire order.

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