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BigDipperMama Thu 03-Oct-19 14:00:15

Just moved in, desperate for wardrobes (none in the house!) Would prefer built-in to maximise the storage space and the bedrooms have an odd layout (long and thin) but have just had a quote from a carpenter for nearly 6000 pounds for wardrobes in two bedrooms. Any tips on doing this more cheaply, but feeling like it will last a long time? I've seen such mixed reviews about Ikea ones, I've avoided, but maybe there is a range that is better quality? I considered the John Lewis mix-it range but the regular size is lower than I want and the tall range too tall (by about 9cm). Anything else I can consider? Tired of living out of boxes!

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GrimDamnFanjo Thu 03-Oct-19 14:43:41

Where are you based? I'd find a handyman type and see if you can get a range of quotes.

TattiePants Thu 03-Oct-19 20:33:01

I'd get some more quotes from local cabinet makers. I had a whole wall of floor to ceiling wardrobes built a few years ago for approximately £1200 (and I have high ceilings).

BigDipperMama Thu 03-Oct-19 21:04:36

In SE London, and this was from a local carpenter recommended on the neighbourhood forums. Guess I should try a few others but now wondering if that is just the rate.

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