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Furniture shops between Leeds and Manchester

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Catname Mon 29-Jul-19 18:26:01

We are looking for two coffee tables and side tables and have exhausted the local shops (big name and independent) around us trying to find something we like.

We are driving between Manchester and Leeds on Friday and would like to take the opportunity to see some different stores in the flesh rather than shopping online.

We're looking at two different styles (two rooms):

1) Art Deco inspired
2) Solid, simple square edges, chunky and made of mahogany/sheesham/dark mango - probably bought in batches by a smaller shop and imported from Asia but made with care and sold as seen.

In that general region, we've previously shopped at Barker and Stonehouse, Red Brick Mill at Batley, Arighi Bianchi at Macclesfield and Taskers of Accrington.

Can you suggest anywhere else we can look? We would be spending up to £500 for coffee tables, £250 for side tables.

Thanks in advance smile

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granadagirl Mon 29-Jul-19 22:24:27

Ponsford in Sheffield, it’s got 3 shops next to each other
We went fri to look at sofa we like but wanted to see in flesh and sit on
We were only looking at sofa but I was impressed at size if the store
Even different ornaments I liked
We didn’t really have the time to look around (aghhh) but would of loved to

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 14:56:45

Thanks, that looks like a place worth investigating.

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nothingwittyhere Tue 30-Jul-19 15:31:30

I know of this shop in Brighouse (J25 of M62) but I can't say whether they are any good (perhaps someone else can?):
Brighouse is really easy to drive into from the M62 and the shop is close to a Sainsbury's which you could use as a rest break.

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 17:08:17

I'm on my phone just now but a quick peek looks interesting. Maybe more for the Art Deco style room. Given the searching we have done so far, I'm sure what we eventually buy will be tucked away in a corner - but it will be just right smile

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Bokky Tue 30-Jul-19 17:24:02

It's just off the M60 and has so much beautiful furniture. I could spend fortunes in here if DH would let me!

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 17:39:35

That one's definitely going on the list. I've seen a couple of things on there that look like I've seen elsewhere - but much cheaper! Thanks Bokky smile

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Bokky Tue 30-Jul-19 17:52:20

Some things are really reasonably priced but others I think are over priced! We have bought quite a bit there for our house. There's an outlet at the far end of the car park - we got an amazing dining table that was half the price as the same one in the main store! There's not always things in there worth buying but definitely worth a look.

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 18:02:29

I think that's always true of furniture stores - how can something that's veneered be cheaper than a solid wood piece.

Good tip about the outlet - I do love a bargain smile

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bellinisurge Tue 30-Jul-19 18:07:02

Arighi Bianchi In Macclesfield, if you have the money.

qj17 Tue 30-Jul-19 18:14:12

Arighi bianchi will have something for you I'm sure.

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 18:15:30

Thanks Bellini, we've been there (and watched as staff led customers who had got lost back to their relieved families) and one of the pieces that I loved I've just seen on the site Bokky linked - at a much better price!

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Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 18:19:09

Yes QJ, there were quite a few pieces and DP is suggesting we splurge but doing that means less for other things. I just need to win the lottery smile

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clucky3 Tue 30-Jul-19 18:24:43

Came here to say housing units but I see someone else already has

Catname Tue 30-Jul-19 20:08:44

Never harms to give the thread a bump clucky 😀

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