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Farrow and Ball Peignoir bedroom. Help me decide on curtains, bedding etc

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Salmonfishinginscotland Sun 16-Jun-19 08:39:07

Love the colour and but now need to get bedding, curtains, a rug etc to compliment it. I was thinking of darkish greys but not sure if that's boring. What do you think. We have floor boards and the bed is white.

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StillNumb Sun 16-Jun-19 20:35:47

That's a lovely colour. Have you had a look at Designers Guild? They are have some lovely floral designs which may suit. They are pricey but they have good discounts on bedding on their website, and you can usually pick up curtain fabrics on ebay. TK Maxx are good for bedding too.

What sort of look are you going for btw? That might help narrow it down.

GosiaFourStudio Wed 19-Jun-19 15:11:02

It is a lovely colour and combining it with grey is always great and timeless.
Remember that you don’t need to always go for plain colours, think about the patterns or at least different textures that would add a lot of character in your room.
Good luck! smile

TheClitterati Sun 23-Jun-19 10:43:59

I had dark grey curtains and with the peignoir they were hideous. I got some cheapie Laura Ashley's from fb selling group and they are a vast improvement. Not what I will end up ultimately but I will absolutely choose a pattern when I replace them.

TheClitterati Sun 23-Jun-19 10:45:20

Another after (I have a thing for ott duvet covers gringrin)

TheClitterati Sun 23-Jun-19 10:48:04

That last photo looks like walls are different colours confused but they are the same.

Bluesheep8 Mon 24-Jun-19 06:05:52

The peignoir looks lovely. But I'm confused, the wall to the right of that pic is blue? As is the coving?

CosilyRosily Mon 24-Jun-19 07:06:47

We have peignoir in our bedroom and we've teamed it with white furniture and bedding and touches of navy and blush pink 😊

TheClitterati Tue 25-Jun-19 21:24:35

@Bluesheep8 I'm Confused too. It's actually the same colour but the lighting must have affected the wall by curtains. The wall on left is fairly accurate representation

Bluesheep8 Wed 26-Jun-19 06:21:42

theclitterati glad it's not just me! The wall to the left looks peignoir but the curtain wall is definitely blue! How very strange confused

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