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Can white gloss and mirrored furniture coexist?

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chickenwings00 Mon 17-Sep-18 18:48:53

I'm running out of storage in my living room and thinking of adding a mirrored sideboard along the lines of the pic attached. However the TV unit and shelves are white gloss (example attached). I don't want to spend a fortune changing all of this to mirrored as well... will it look confused having the two in the same room? If it makes any difference the mirrored cabinet will be on a different wall so not directly next to any of the gloss furniture. My side tables are glass (might actually change this to mirrored to tie it in) and my lamps are chrome mirrored so I'm hoping that will pull it all together?

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MaryBerrysChutney Tue 18-Sep-18 14:21:01

I would say it will clash and look quite busy. Why do you need it to be mirrored, though?

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