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Can anyone reccommend an excellent quality hammock please that is in a stand?

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whatsgoing Mon 09-Apr-18 23:20:47

That please 🤗
I want to buy one for my husbands birthday. He loves hammocks and we have a lovely garden but not the best trees to hang from so a frame is probably the best thing.

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LtheWife Tue 10-Apr-18 12:19:04

It's a bit more structured than a traditional hammock but I've been wanting the fatboy hammock since I saw it in a local shop last summer.

Stuckfornamesagain Tue 10-Apr-18 12:29:02

We had a Fatboy hammock that we very sadly had to sell when we moved country. They are AMAZING. We've even had visitors sleep on it 😊

whatsgoing Tue 10-Apr-18 13:39:06

@Stuckfornamesagain @LtheWife omg perfect thank you

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whatsgoing Tue 10-Apr-18 15:21:59

Does anyone have a garden igloo

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whatsgoing Tue 10-Apr-18 20:33:32

What about Amazonia Ines

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