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Pink sofa

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user1483825503 Wed 14-Feb-18 14:28:10

Looking for a bright pink sofa, preferably velvet. Any recommendations?

PlentyOfBiscuitsWithTea Fri 16-Feb-18 20:41:58 do a lovely shade called flamingo, think it may be wool though. They do a good range of pinks and velvets though. Loaf did velvets in pink too. (I just bought a paler pink sofa, but remember browsing the pink collections everywhere)

Cantspell2 Sat 17-Feb-18 13:36:07

I very nearly bought this
As it was realy comfy but I wanted caster feet.
In the end I went for purple velvet with the casters I wanted from a local store in a very similar style.
If this style is not to your taste Debenhams also do others in velvet.

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