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Flooring to complement grey tiles

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Greatcheeser Fri 26-Jan-18 23:00:33

I’m good at practical things but not aesthetics. I’ve tiled our bathroom in a soft grey porcelain, and was going to add a slate effect vinyl floor. Now that the tiles are on I think a grey floor would be de trop so I wondered if anyone could suggest a complimentary colour or style for the floor? The side of the bath will eventually be tiled in grey. Oh and grey grout or white?

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Triskaidekaphilia Sat 27-Jan-18 01:41:58

White tiles with a grey marble maybe? For the wall tiles I'd grout in grey.

MiaowTheCat Sat 27-Jan-18 13:02:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

godricshollow Sat 27-Jan-18 14:58:48

Definitely go lighter (off white or pale grey) and yes grout to match the tile. A lift floor will lift it and with the porcelain it will look great.

godricshollow Sat 27-Jan-18 14:59:05

*light floor

Greatcheeser Sat 27-Jan-18 17:57:06

Brilliant thank you all

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SwedishEdith Sat 27-Jan-18 18:07:30

I think I'd go for something like

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