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light colour to compliment FB Green Smoke

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hmyh23 Tue 28-Nov-17 23:03:22

Can anyone recommend a light colour, cream/white that would go nicely with a Green Smoke feature wall? Was thinking maybe Off White or Bone, going for testers tomorrow so just wondered if anyone had any good combos that they had used? Doesn't have to be F&B, just preferably a tester I can get from B&Q and then when we have decided we will get the colours matched so won't be paying F&B prices! 😂🤣

Ketzele Sat 02-Dec-17 22:54:56

I'm probably answering too late to be useful, but I think off white and bone are good ideas - also Hardwick White though that may be too dark? Also, I wonder if Shadow White or Shaded White might work, if you want something more creamy.

FlameCrestedTanager Mon 04-Dec-17 14:06:16

I'm sure I remember replying to this but it doesn't look like it?! Bone is a light neutral green so I'm not sure it would be the best choice to go with Green Smoke. Personally I would try either White Tie or Pointing if you want a creamy colour.

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