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Room divider?

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teaandakitkat Sun 12-Nov-17 20:11:56

Our main living space is an open plan kitchen, dining Room, sun lounge. The sun lounge is a pretty basic early 80s job with brick half way up then windows and a flat roof. So not much warmth or insulation.
In the winter we move the sofa into the middle space and put the dining table (which doesn't get used very often) into the colder sun lounge. I'd like a way to block off the sun lounge area in the wintertime, especially in the evenings when we have the fire on. We don't want curtains.

Would those folding screen room dividers work at all? I know they won't 'insulate' us as such, but would they block the chill off at all? At least they would make the space look smaller and a bit more cosy?

Does anyone have any recommendations? It's really hard to tell how robust they might be from an internet photo. The space they will need to fill is about 9ft wide so I don't want them being wobbly and falling over.

Fantasticmissfoxy Sun 12-Nov-17 23:14:32

No, they wouldn't help with the temperature issue - just visually divide the space. If you really don't want curtains the only other option is bifold doors or alternatively, improving the insulation / heat retention of the sunroom using something like duette roof blinds. Any 'air trapping' blind will improve the efficiency.

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