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Boys toddler bedroom

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gossipgirlxo Tue 07-Nov-17 12:21:19

I’m moving house this week, and am wanting to decorate DS bedroom unfortunately being rented accommodation we can’t paint, does anyone have any ideas of how to make it more homely, where can I buy nice bedding and curtains from?

Kokapetl Tue 07-Nov-17 20:41:04

You can get wall stickers that peel off. Jo jo maman Bebe have nice ones. Bedding and curtains kind of depends on your budget and taste. We liked John Lewis ones and let DS help pick some he liked (luckily he liked some star ones which will be fine when he is older too). You could get a nice light shade too.

LittleWingSoul Wed 08-Nov-17 19:24:40

For our toddler room in a rented house we got a big wall sticker, grey checked curtains from dunelm and a grey checked rugged from laura ashley. A child size wardrobe from ikea (sundvik) with lots of potted plants on top of it. A floor lamp gives off a nice light and we changed the shade on the main light to a star shaped one. With the bed and a tall boy chest of drawers there isn't room for much else and all his toys are downstairs.

Osquito Thu 09-Nov-17 13:12:28

I think if the walls/flooring are neutral (cream, magnolia etc) then try to get your main furnishings or accessories in a colour scheme that you like.

If you prefer the modern neutral look that is quite popular (especially on insta) then focus more on textures and materials - sheepskin, knitted fabrics and wood to make it more tactile for your son.

Ikea kids bookcases/toy crates/stools can be repainted in matching or complimentary shades, you can have a big fluffy and bright rug to bring it altogether (and hide beige carpets!), use bright washi tape to put up kids artwork (or create geometric lines on the wall) etc

I recently read about this home and loved the almost fluorescent pops of colour used

If you want, you can buy a giant thin sheet of MDF and wallpaper or paint it, then attach to a main wall with those command strips.

Also, trendy wall decals at a decent price

My family will be moving into a new home soon and our landlord is very cautious about us repainting, so I'm in a similar boat when it comes to DS' bedroom... and it's his first proper room, I want to make it feel special!

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