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Can anyone recommend a Petrol blue paint?

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ItsJustACompanyPolicyOfMine Sun 05-Mar-17 14:23:52

It would be for a chimney breast wall in a living room (I know feature walls are frowned on as naff but I like 'em!). Any recs for quite a deep petrol blue?? Room has grey sofas. Thanks!

juniorcakeoff Sun 05-Mar-17 14:44:01

dulux denim drift? Might be too grey but comes out nice and dark if that is what you are after. Or are you wanting a blue-green colour?

ItsJustACompanyPolicyOfMine Sun 05-Mar-17 14:46:56

Thanks Junior. I had a look and it is a bit grey - yes a proper blue-green would be fab!

Mumofazoo Sun 05-Mar-17 16:15:57

B&Q have one called nirvana and it's a deep gorgeous colour.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 05-Mar-17 16:23:14

Valspar will make up the exact shade you want. I got some beautiful deep blue / green testers made up in B&Q the other week.

ItsJustACompanyPolicyOfMine Sun 05-Mar-17 17:01:38

Thanks both! Can I ask where you are planning to use your paint?

ItsJustACompanyPolicyOfMine Sun 05-Mar-17 17:03:09

Ooh nirvana is gorgeous - exactly what I had in mind!

Mumofazoo Sun 05-Mar-17 17:34:56

It really is a gorgeous colour, I'm planning on using it on my hallway walls.

YippieKayakOtherBuckets Sun 05-Mar-17 18:18:41

Have a look at F&B Hague Blue and Stiffkey Blue, and Little Greene Hicks Blue and Deep Space Blue.

SwedishEdith Sun 05-Mar-17 19:20:39

Inchyra blue?

MinisWin Sun 05-Mar-17 19:54:30

Second F&B Hague and Stiffkey Blues. Stiffkey slightly greener. Inchyra blue is also lovely but even greener still.

GinAndOnIt Mon 06-Mar-17 06:52:48

We have Stiffkey Blue in our bedroom - I love it. It gets commented on a lot!

LegArmpits Mon 06-Mar-17 07:13:57

Also Dulux Breton Blue, gorgeous paint ❤

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Mon 06-Mar-17 07:27:11

Is petrol blue just teal under another name?

ItsJustACompanyPolicyOfMine Mon 06-Mar-17 13:36:56

More recs, thanks. No JeNeSuis it isn't to my mind. Teal is a lighter colour. I think petrol blue is a much deeper darker inky blue-green.

YippieKayakOtherBuckets Mon 06-Mar-17 16:11:51

Breton Blue is gorgeous but I wouldn't describe it as a petrol blue. It's a very deep navy.

DorcasthePuffin Mon 06-Mar-17 19:45:53

I love Inchyra Blue. I'm itching to find a place to use it.

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