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Need help choosing a wallpaper

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Schmoochypoos Tue 21-Feb-17 06:59:59

We have these curtains
Neutral walls and bed, white furniture. It's all a bit boring. Want to potentially paper the wall behind the bed, but what would go. I am leaning towards a teal or mauve colour? Would that even go?

Help please!

Mungobungo Tue 21-Feb-17 07:11:52

You really could go for any colour as the curtains are very neutral.
What colours do you like?
What kind of feel do you want for the room? Do you want drama, relaxing, boutique-style?

Have you had a look on Pinterest to find styles that you like?

MuchasSmoochas Tue 21-Feb-17 07:23:51

Yes to teal. Maybe a berry colour? Or even a Georgian type rich blue. I think a bit of texture on it would be good to lift it. Curtains look lovely!

MuchasSmoochas Tue 21-Feb-17 07:26:48

Or if you have white everywhere else I think a strong colour on all the walls would be lovely.

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