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IKEA sofa beds????

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flownthecoopkiwi Wed 18-Jan-17 14:01:14

Need a sofa bed in our new study (just exchanged!!) but while we don't want to spend a fortune, we do want one that will be reasonably comfortable for guests.

Some of the mid priced IKEA ones look ok (I'd rather a more sofa looking one than a futon).

Thoughts? Experiences? Alternatives?

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downwardfacingdog Wed 25-Jan-17 23:57:30

We've got two Ikea sofa beds. in the study/spare room and an ektorp in the living room (which they don't do any more) Both very comfortable for sitting and sleeping, though we use a mattress topper/protector for the freichten as it is very firm and to protect the seat covers as you sleep directly on them. Love that it has storage underneath for all the bedding though.

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