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DFS sofa colour tolerance

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Lotsofqueries Tue 10-Jan-17 20:27:13

Long story short.. Ordered a sofa from DFS and picked a colour from a swatch. 6 weeks later is arrived and the colour didn't look right. We complained. They said we were wrong but agreed to send someone out. They came and agreed it was the wrong colour. We ordered another one but chose a different colour to save them getting it wrong again. 6 weeks later it arrived. Sofa doesn't look as the swatch again and doesn't match the armchair. Complained. Told we are wrong again. Sent 3 guys out this time who looked at it and agreed it's slightly different but 'within tolerance'. They used no measurement tool to check the colour, just their opinion - 2 DFS employees. When asked what the tolerance is... They are unable to tell me. Nothing on the website terms and conditions. Nothing on the paperwork. How to go about this?

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