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Reasonably priced good quality curtains

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WeeM Thu 29-Dec-16 23:14:48

I'm looking for some nice floor length curtains for living room - I don't mind spending up to about £200 for them. Other than the obvious (John Lewis, next etc) is there anywhere else anyone could recommend. I think my problem is I want made to measure but can't afford them!

WeeM Fri 30-Dec-16 11:45:02


NotCitrus Fri 30-Dec-16 11:48:28

Is there a curtain exchange near you? Or eBay, Gumtree etc for second hand curtains - then another £100 to adjust to measure if you get someone in.

WeeM Fri 30-Dec-16 11:53:39

I have never even heard of a curtain exchange, what a good idea though!

Kenworthington Fri 30-Dec-16 11:53:43

Dunelm are brilliant for lovely curtains. I've got them in all our rooms- floor length - well longer than floor length kind of puddling on the floor. Fully lined, really lovely fabrics. I think they were about £160/170. In store, they are hung up. Not the cheaper ones I. Packets

WeeM Fri 30-Dec-16 17:58:56

Oh I'll need to maybe have a look there then thanks!

ChishandFips33 Mon 02-Jan-17 20:53:35


IKEA are great for length and pretty cheap so you could pay to get them lined/altered (if you can find a pattern you like!)

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