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Chalk paint or eggshell for dining chairs?

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mumsnit Sun 23-Oct-16 12:57:22

Just bought a good quality beech table and dining chairs second hand but the original varnish finish doesn't work with our kitchen so I'm going to paint them. I'm used to painting with eggshell but never tried using chalk paint and wondered what people here would recommend particularly for chairs?

Have read differing opinions about how easy chalk paint is to use and the waxing sounds a bit tricky! I'm not after a shabby chic finish ideally and it needs be very hard wearing as I have kids and animals!! Am I better off sticking with eggshell? TIA

dreamofhungarianlanterns Sun 23-Oct-16 17:43:01

My dining chairs are all eggshell and I love the soft finish it gives. They have a few minor chips after 3 years but if I cared about it I could recoat them. Maybe after another couple of years use I'll think they need it.

I am aware that I'm being judgemental now but here goes... I've never used chalk paint and think that it is sometimes used as a way of cutting corners, not preparing properly and then the resulting finish can look poor. When done well, it can look great but does tend to be a shabby chic type finish.

I reckon that sanding, priming and painting my 6 eggshelled dining chairs may have taken about 30 hours, but I'm a sucker for radio 4 and a paintbrush so I enjoyed it. (not enough to recoat yet though obviously!)

SailingThroughTime Sun 23-Oct-16 17:47:38

I've done a dozen in 6 colours using Annie Sloane as I really cba with all the prepping. I used Polyvore finish though as it's brush on and harder wearing. I went for a smooth finish as I'm not a fan of shabby chic. I also used 1 tester tin of Rustoleum chalk finish furniture paint and it was great.

SailingThroughTime Sun 23-Oct-16 17:49:39

I'm not painting my table top though as it needs to take a lot of neglect. Osmo wax over stain with painted legs is my plan.

mumsnit Sun 23-Oct-16 18:49:35

Thanks - that's useful advice about both finishes!

Today I've bought a tester pot of Rustoleum chalk paint (which is much easier to get hold of than Annie Sloan!) and my usual Craig and Rose eggshell. I'm going to try out the chalk paint as I've got another chair I can practice on (bit wary as don't want to experiment on the dining chairs just yet!)

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