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Garden fence and shed painting

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HerdofAntilop Sun 21-Aug-16 10:47:13

Couldn't decide whether to put this in gardening or decorating. We have a small garden with a very large shed. I'm looking to paint the shed and the fence as it is currently a reddy brown colour and quite overpowering. Any suggestions as to what I could do with this? Will it be possible have to paint my side of the fence one colour without affecting the other side of the fence or do I need to think of something else to do along the boundary fence that joins my neighbours? (Their fence not my fence). If the fence needs to stay the same colour, what colour can I paint my shed. I was thinking light blue greenish but I'm not sure that would go with the red tones in the red brown fence.

pippistrelle Sun 21-Aug-16 11:07:28

If you're sure it's your fence, you can just paint one side of it if you like, although you might want to do both sides in order to protect it. Then you'd have to speak to your neighbour about access, of course, and in the interests of good relations, choose a colour they like too. One of my neighbours has a dark green wood stain that I think would look really good in a small garden because it sort of melds in with shrubs and is unobtrusive.

How about a sort of sage green for the shed? It's really just down to personal taste, but the key thing to remember is, it's only paint: it can always be re-done if you change your mind.

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