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Bay window curtain poles advice

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Pagetta Mon 18-Jul-16 03:34:24

We have a nice Bay window in our new house. We'd like curtains in it, and I have been looking at the sets in places like Dunelm- however they have wall brackets to put hold poles up and as you can see from the picture the main windows are flush to the ceiling so we need some sort of bracket thathe hangs from the ceiling. Can anyone suggest where we might get this or the best way to put curtains up here?

Kiwiinkits Mon 18-Jul-16 03:53:59

IKEA have ceiling-hung tracks that can be bent around corners I believe. Can't remember the name of them though, sorry.
Someone else might be along soon who can actually help.

Kiwiinkits Mon 18-Jul-16 03:56:35

If the frames are wooden you should be able to mount a track on the frame itself. You can order a single pre-shaped track from a curtain retailer, that follows the shape of your window (get them to come around and do the measurement).

JT05 Mon 18-Jul-16 13:11:38

We are just doing this in our new house. After a great deal of research we have opted for the JL put together yourself kit. It is not cheap, but very substantial. The previous owners had a flimsy version that was too short and useless.
JL sell it all in bits, poles that you can cut to size, bendy bits ( we needed 4 as bay bends twice) and the by pass brackets you will need to draw the curtains. Plus finials and rings. They also have clear instructions.
We have fixed the brackets to the window frame. Hope this helps.

JT05 Mon 18-Jul-16 13:12:55

Just to add our frames are UPVC

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