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Bewildered by my kitchen windows

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MakeTeaNotWar Sun 10-Apr-16 14:34:43

We are 3/4 of the way through our kitchen renovation.

It is a large west facing room that has 3 windows - 2 on the west-facing and 1 north-facing. There is also a pair of French doors and through a door, another glass door (fire escape at the bottom of the stairs).

I thought we might put roman blinds on the 3 windows in this fabric.:

Is linen a good choice for a kitchen?

What do I put on the French doors and door at bottom of stairs?

Options seem to be blinds in the Vanessa Arbuthnott stripe and make a kitchen and hall curtain in plain grey linen.

Or blinds and hall curtain in the stripe and kitchen curtain in plain.

Or a soft grey voile on the kitchen doors. However I'd like some privacy at night when the light is on so I'm not so keen on viole so could have perfect fit blinds for kitchen doors but is that too many blinds?

Help please !

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