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Woodburner and a tiled background?

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WindUpBird Tue 03-Nov-15 15:10:13

Wasn't sure how to title this post but basically I'd like some opinions/advice on the following:

We're having a woodburner fitted into our living room, in a 3 bed semi. The surround will be this limestone one. And the woodburner will be this Charnwood one but in black, without the log stand and with a riven slate hearth.

I'm thinking about tiling the inside bit of the fireplace with some patterned tiles. Sort of Moroccan /Spanish/Moorish type repetitive pattern. Obviously they would have to be vaguely heat-proof.

Have you seen this done anywhere else?? I can only see a few pics online. Will it look naff with that surround?! I don't have long to think about it as the woodburner people are booked in on 24th nov so I need to decide quickly in order to get the tiles and do the tiling! I'm hoping for lots of ideas or advice....thank you!

Twittwattwoo2 Thu 05-Nov-15 07:05:58

I have that surround with a honed granite hearth, I just left the original brick opening.

I think if I'd wanted it more finished looking I'd have tiled it with split face slate or something similar. Not sure moroccan style tiles suit that surround, maybe depends on the decor of the room.

WindUpBird Sat 07-Nov-15 12:43:00

Thanks for your reply! Your fireplace looks lovely. I have gone for some Spanish tiles, I think they will look fun...fingers crossed!

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