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Kai1977 Tue 01-Sep-15 22:18:40

We have had a lot of work done on our house and I am bit fed up of dealing with tradesmen (you wouldn't believe how many have let us down). We need to get a hallway carpet and I am tempted to just pay a bit more and go to John Lewis rather than deal with an independent and then sort out fitting etc etc.

The problem is that most of JL's carpets are 100% wool for high traffic areas and I am a bit concerned about cleaning and moths too. They have one which is 50% wool and poly scothguarded but it isn't as nice.

Why are they offering so many 100% wool carpets for areas that get high traffic? Would it be crazy to get one?

Just a bit confused and want to get this done and dusted as quickly as possible so we can enjoy our home! Thanks.

wowfudge Wed 02-Sep-15 21:35:46

You could go to a local flooring company with its own fitters or CarpetRight where the fitters are normally subbies and you pay them on fitting day, but you don't have to organise them. We've used both with no issues.

Rhgoddess1 Thu 03-Sep-15 11:28:09

I just bought carpets too! Was a v confusing process!

I went wool over polypropylene just because I liked the idea of natural fibres.
My carpet fitter though said that good quality PP these days looks and feels like the same and is moth and child proof !!! I think if I had known that I would have gone in that direction.

Price wise: The basic rule was to buy your carpet from a local independent place and haggle over the price.

If you find a great carpet from somewhere like carpet right/ JL a local place can usually better the price. In my case for the beber 100% wool carpet they couldn't ( it was a discontinued carpet colour) however the local carpet firm supplied the underlay much cheaper and the fitting of it. Carpet right were not happy with me as they make lots on those parts. Plus they use contractors to fit the carpets who are not accountable.
Also use a good quality underlay, reduces sound and feels so good underfoot!
My carpet is only 3 months in an a light beige/ gray but it's stairs and bedooms so not high traffic. I love it!!! No marks yet....

Rhgoddess1 Thu 03-Sep-15 11:34:19

To add - I don't think I would go wool carpet for hall and go for the PP option. ( I went for wooden floors instead in mine and is v easy to maintain) if you want hassle free I would suggest a good local firm who will supply carpet /( or wood or vinyl) underlay and fit it. Mine were fab and it was stress free. Know what you mean about hassles of getting stuff done. Sometimes the saving isnt worth the stress!!! Good luck!

wowfudge Thu 03-Sep-15 12:37:03

Get wool mix for a hall to ensure it stands up to the traffic. We don't buy underlay from any carpet shop: it's where they often have a huge mark up. Buy it online. You'll need the same area as for the carpet.

Whatevva Thu 03-Sep-15 15:48:37

We went to a local company with their own fitters, who used to be part of an old department store in town. I got the higher density wool carpet as it did not cost much more over the fitting and underlay.

The underlay was much better than anything carpetright had and the whole thing much cheaper. It is still ok after 15 years. I am just worried that they will have retired and gone out of business by the time I need new ones.

foragogo Sat 24-Oct-15 12:15:26


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