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Ideas for this tunnel please

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Jo4040 Tue 14-Jul-15 18:15:24

Please help me with what to do with my little boys 'tunnel', which he has in his newly build atic bedroom. ATM I'm just storing toys but I want something abit more imaginative for him. Hes four years old. I have put pictures in of the tunnel, entrance to the tunnel and the atic room. The pictures arnt brill tho. Thanks!!

Jo4040 Tue 14-Jul-15 19:23:21

Come on...someone must have a cool idea?!?!

dylsmimi Tue 14-Jul-15 19:27:20

Could you maybe section some of it off with fabric and then add cushions and a little nightlight type light - maybe one with a detachable torch with books and he can have a little den in there?
If you could get storage boxes all the same it may look neater and more of a storage solution rather than lots of tubs out there

Jo4040 Tue 14-Jul-15 19:32:17

Yes that's a nice idea, a Den. Like a little book corner. Thanks

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 18:15:44

Any more?

SleepIsOverrated Thu 16-Jul-15 18:21:14

Have a look at vinyl wall stickers. What is he interested in? You could make it into a jungle and hang things on the ceiling, or turn it into a dinosaur cave, or if cars are his thing then put lines on the floor for roads, make it into a train tunnel, have a Gruffalo at the end of it, or stick flow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and turn it into space.

You could have a chalkboard wall so he could draw all over a section, long flat guttering style book hanging things, a table for arts and crafts or cover a wall in Lego if that's what he likes.

It could be a seaside, with a row of beach huts along one wall and blue waves on the other.

Magnetic paint or a fuzzy felt wall, oh so much!

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 18:29:30

Wow...lots to think about there! I'll tell him your list and see what he likes...I like the train track idea haha. He loves minion. But he's getting into George of the Jungle very randomly, so maybe he will like the Jungle idea.

TheDuchessofBoxford Thu 16-Jul-15 18:34:36

If you make a book corner get some ikea spice racks to store the books in. Google and you'll see what I mean!

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 18:41:06

Oooo yes. They look fantastic! Defo going to get some of them. I work on a will be getting some for there as well lol

ChishandFips33 Thu 16-Jul-15 19:22:03

Google 'book nooks' for awkward/small space ideas, just change the focus if you don't want a book theme
You could drop the mattress to the floor and pop it under the eaves

Agree about storage - kallax?
Could pull it out in to the room and hang/drape fabric from eaves to behind it to create a cosy space.

ChishandFips33 Thu 16-Jul-15 19:23:54


Depending if you want something more permanent you could board up in front of the eaves (pic 2) creating more of an enclosed space

He's a very lucky boy!

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 20:05:19

Hes a very lucky boy? Try telling him that! We spent six thousand pounds on this bloody atic conversion for him. Me and his Dad are only twentyfive in avarage jobs, in quite a poor area.

He won't go init,sleep init. He will only show his friends it like its a friggin exhibition.

I like the matress on floor idea as well,abit different and 'fun'

ChishandFips33 Thu 16-Jul-15 20:29:46

Oh no! Tell him I'll have it! Does he say why he doesn't like it?

<consider swapping him for his friends!>

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 20:36:06

He doesn't like it because its high up in the house, iut of the way and hes scared to death me and his Dad might have a conversation that he can't chip into. Iv said me and his dad will have it, but he's 'going to sleep init when he's ten, and attact his brothers cot to his bed'.

Give me strength. I might just sack it and used the tunnel as a 'Shoe and handbag' tunnel lol

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Thu 16-Jul-15 20:47:02

Aw, maybe he just feels lonely up there a little bit? What if you bought some fun walkie talkies that he can use to play with, and "test them out" for a new nights while he's up in his new room. Less lonely scared, as he knows he can talk to you, and after a few nights, he probably won't need them anymore. And he'll still have them to play with. win win.

Jo4040 Thu 16-Jul-15 20:56:47

What a lovely suggestion! He would love that! God I love MN! How a thread about ideas from a tunnel can turn to this! Haha

ChishandFips33 Fri 17-Jul-15 07:28:36

Brilliant idea Alice the shoe's one was good too if walkie talkies fail!

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