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Covering for French window/sliding door in bedroom

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vinyard68 Mon 01-Jun-15 20:46:10

So we have big floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom that slide open, with glass balcony thing in front. At the moment we have a big blackout curtain on a pole fitted into the recess. But there is still lots of light coming in around the edges, and I'd like a more streamlined look. Privacy not an issue as we overlook a big green space. I looked at panel curtains - cover too much of the windows when opened. Vertical blinds - too officey. Perfect fit - don't seem to come in the colour of our frames. What now?? Would a giant blackout roller blind work?

missqwerty Wed 03-Jun-15 14:33:54

Yes I'd go with the roller blind and just roll it up during the day

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